Picture this: rolling grassy plains full of wild flower meadows, stretching from the western suburbs of Melbourne to the South Australian border.

Since colonisation nearly all of Victoria’s rich volcanic grasslands have been cropped, ploughed or bulldozed.

Incredibly, some patches of remnant grasslands survived. They are precious glimpses into the landscapes that were cared for by first nations for millenia. But even these legacy grasslands are destined for the bulldozed.

Because of a lack of proactive conservation planning, even small patches surviving grasslands are under threat. This is despite the fact endangered critters and plants, like the Striped Legless Lizard, are dependent upon them for habitat.

We need a more proactive approach if we are to keep these legacy grasslands alive in Victoria.

Let’s not tell future generations we lost entire ecosystems because of crappy planning.

Let’s not leave it until the bulldozers have started.

Join scientists, local conservation groups and traditional owners who have been campaigning and caring for these areas.

Read The Age‘s damning expose ‘‘It’s deplorable’: Call to halt loss of Melbourne’s native grasslands’

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