Join the campaign to stop VicForests logging the beloved Beeripmo Walk.

VicForests are covertly planning to clear-fell huge swathes of native trees along the Beeripmo Walk, at Mount Cole/Bereep-bereep.

Yes, you read that correctly. Whilst the Victorian Government has made a clear commitment to end native forest logging east of Melbourne by 1 January 2024, the government is yet to make a call on the end of logging across western Victoria, leaving the forests of Mount Cole on the chopping block beyond the so-called ‘end date’ of native forest logging. All this within the new Mount Buangor National which has been promised by the Victorian Government, but not yet delivered to Victorians.

As you can see from the map, the areas planned for logging (in black) are extensive with some areas directly overlapping the Beeripmo walk. Some of these areas were approved by VicForests as recently as May this year, suggesting that the threat of logging is very much alive along the Beeripmo Walk.

Endangered animals and plants – such as the Mount Cole Grevillea and the Powerful Owl – call these forests home. The westernmost population of Mountain Brushtail Possum lives there too. Lucky hikers who camp overnight might even spot a Powerful Owl hooting above their tent.

VicForests is planning to clear-fell huge areas that surround the Beeripmo Walk. Bulldozing native trees and habitat will wreck the walk’s ambience and ecology.

Keen hikers love the cool fern gullies, alpine plateaus and towering forests of Beeripmo Walk. The bushwalk loops through patches of rocky outcrops, snow gum woodlands and tree fern gullies.

We can’t let VicForests clear-fell this iconic place. Add your voice to the campaign to stop VicForests logging one of Victoria’s favourite bush walks.

The Beeripmo Walk would be protected from logging if the Victorian Government got a move on and delivered it’s 2021 promise to create the new Mount Buangor National Park.

Join us in the call for the formal establishment of new Parks in Victoria’s central west here.


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