Join the campaign to stop VicForests logging Beeripmo Walk.

VicForests have covertly planned to clear-fell huge swathes of native trees along the Beeripmo Walk at Mount Cole.

This decision comes at a strange time. The Andrews Government only has a few weeks left to protect the Central West by declaring it a National Park.

Endangered animals and plants – including the Mount Cole Grevillea – call it home. The Grevillea is Victoria’s latest Threatened Species.

Logging, pests and other disturbances have driven this endemic Grevillea to the brink. But VicForests is about to clear-fell huge areas that surround Beeripmo. Bulldozing native trees and habitat will wreck the walk’s ambience and ecology.

Keen hikers love the cool fern gullies, alpine plateaus and towering forests of Beeripmo Walk.  The bush walk loops through patches of montane woodland, snow gum and tree ferns. The westernmost population of mountain brushtail possum live there. Lucky hikers who camp overnight might spot a Powerful Owl.

We can’t let VicForests clear-fell this iconic place. Add your voice to the campaign to stop VicForests logging one of Victoria’s favourite bush walks.


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