“We grow it back” is VicForests’s motto. But they don’t.

As revealed in a damning new After the Logging report, the state-owned agency fails to regenerate a third of the ecosystems plundered, and a half of the Mountain Ash forests it logs.

VicForests are repeatedly accused of breaching laws supposed to protect Victoria’s native forests, water catchments and threatened wildlife.

They haven’t turned a profit in years, but taxpayer dollars still subsidise their destruction of our natural heritage.

Our government knows there’s no future in native logging. They’ve already committed to phasing it out completely by 2030 – but that’s not soon enough.

“We have politicians saying we have the best regulated forests in the world – well frankly that’s [email protected]##$%^!t” – Professor David Lindenmayer

VicForests are running out of habitat to log. 

It’s why after the devastating Black Summer fires, they plundered critical wildlife refuge areas. It’s why they’re logging steep slopes and high conservation value forests, including the home of the world’s tallest flowering plants.

Urge the Victorian Government to speed up the native forest transition and take action to protect our natural heritage.

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