NEWS 16 November 2018 |

Back in August many new protections of public land to protect our beautiful forests of the central west were announced by the Victorian Environment Assessment Council (VEAC). 

You can help to protect them forever by signing a letter to the Environment Minister and local MP’s to show your support for parks, and by putting in a submission before 10 December.

Sadly there has been quite a lot of misinformation and debate about the role and need for these better protections of Wombat Forest in the local media. We have been working hard with local groups to set the record straight. We know Victoria’s love parks. In a recent state-wide poll carried out by the VNPA

  • 72.7 % support Victoria having a comprehensive network of National Parks and conservation reserves across land and sea (36.5% strongly support, 36.2 % support, 13.9 % undecided)
  • 70.4 % of people support new parks in central west Victoria around Daylesford, Woodend, Bendigo and west of Ballarat (Strongly support 34.8% and 35.6 % support, 8.3 % undecided).

New protections of public land include Wombat (near Daylesford), Wellsford (near Bendigo), Mount Cole and Pyrenees Range forests (near Beaufort and Avoca) and dozens of smaller public parcels in the investigation area.

These forests are worthy of better protection and their immense natural values include over 350 threatened species such as the powerful owl and sugar glider (which have been found in good numbers in the Wombat Forest), and eleven significant headwaters of important rivers including the Moorabool, Werribee, Lerderderg and Maribyrnong.

If protected, they will importantly fill the many gaps in Victoria’s conservation estate and help us meet global biodiversity targets.

While the draft proposals for Wombat, Wellford, Pyrenees forest are good, only a small area of Mount Cole, west of Ballarat, will be protected, with the main area left open for logging. See more on Mount Cole.

You can help ensure these forests are protected forever.

Take Action

Submissions into VEAC’s Central West Investigation closed on 10 December 2018. You can stay up to date on developments here or by signing up to our email updates.


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