A proposal to re-open a copper and zinc mine, and extend the tailings dam wall to the height of the MCG, will threaten Victoria’s Tambo River and the Gippsland Lakes.

The mine’s huge earthen tailings dam, sitting on the headwaters of East Gippsland’s beautiful Tambo River, is already failing. It leaks toxic water at many points along the dam wall, and the thin membrane sealing the earthen wall has already passed its use-by date.

Until recently, the tailings dam was excluded from the old mining lease area because it is fundamentally unstable. It is meant to last for at least a thousand years – or indeed forever.

Please tell Earth Resources Victoria that a licence to extend the failing tailings dam should not be granted to mining company Copperchem because:

  • The dam must not be handed over in an unstable condition.
  • Reports show that much information on the performance of the dam is either missing or inadequate
  • Extending the 8 hectare area of the already leaking toxic tailings dam to around 32 hectares puts the Tambo River and the Gippsland lakes at an unacceptable risk
  • There is no bond adequate to guarantee the security of the dam when the mine closes again.

Please tell the Government’s Earth Resources Victoria about your concerns, in four easy steps:

  1. Click here.
  2. Insert the “Tenement Application Number”: MIN 006642
  3. Add any required details
  4. Make sure you fill in your “Grounds for Objection”.

Your message must reach Earth Resources Victoria by next Monday 5 March