View from the Newhaven Yacht Club. Photo: Natalie Davey

Save Western Port

The Napthine Government had big plans for the Port of Hastings, a massive container port that would have risked Western Port’s natural values. Those plans were put on hold with the 2014 election of...
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Some of the incredible native plants found at Anglesea include the delicate salmon sun orchid.

Anglesea Heathlands

In a big nature conservation win, the Andrews Government announced in early 2017 that the Anglesea Heathlands would soon be included in the Great Otway National Park. This is the remarkable result of...
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Photo: Thomas Williams | CC BY 2.0

Pipis in peril

Recreational and commercial harvesting is risking the future of pipis, a small mollusc on Victoria’s beaches. Pipis live beneath the sand in the intertidal zone of high-energy beaches. They feed on...
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Moolap coastal wetlands

Moolap and Point Henry

What’s best for the Moolap coastal wetlands and Point Henry on the southern edge of Geelong, a park for nature conservation and the community or a canal estate and residential development for an...
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Riparian Bridle Bend

Riverside (riparian) land

Victoria has the greatest concentration of waterways ofy mainland state. There are about 85,000km, as well as 500,000 hectares of diverse wetlands: lakes, floodplain billabongs, alpine peatlands...
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