Forgotten forests

PARK WATCH June 2020 | Nature Conservation Campaigner Jordan Crook on the continued logging in the Central West. The forests and woodlands of Victoria’s west are sometimes referred to as the...
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A rare discovery

PARK WATCH June 2020 | The first threatened species detection report has been submitted for the west, shares Nature Conservation Campaigner Jordan Crook....
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Wellsford with gold dust wattle and daisy bush

Protect the wonders of the west in national parks

The unburnt forests of the central west are extraordinary. Some 380 rare and threatened birds, mammals and plants call them home. Nature-lovers from all over come to walk, ride, recreate and relax in...
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The Greater Glider

Keep Greater Gliders safe in new parks

Greater Gliders need habitat. Instead of safe refuges in new parks they’ve been given the silent treatment. Decision-makers in parliament could protect the forest homes of Australia’s...
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A Greater Refuge for Gliders

Park Watch March 2020 | In the tall trees of the Central West lives a quiet yet enigmatic creature, writes VNPA Nature Conservation Campaigner Jordan Crook. During the day they curl up in a ball...
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Mount Cole still on the chopping block

PARK WATCH March 2020 | VicForest’s plans for clearfell logging in areas of proposed national park must be halted, argues Matt Ruchel. Community assets and natural values protected – or not?...
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Boy in forest

Deputy: Don’t let the central west get away

The Andrews Government is late for a very important date. They must decide whether or not to create new park refuges for wildlife, nature and people – but they haven’t. We can’t let...
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