The state election is coming up in November. And the plight of the Hooded Plover is just one of the critical issues we’re fighting for!

Hooded Plovers make their home within the Belfast Coastal Reserve. But commercial racehorse training is churning up the sand, disturbing both adult birds and tiny chicks. Last year’s breeding season was utterly devastated and the science tells us that horses were a key factor. So we’re working with local groups and others to stop licencing that allows racehorses to train on this crucial habitat.

More years of commercial horse training along the beach could mean the loss of these precious birds at Belfast Coastal Reserve.

Together we must strengthen the campaign to make policy changes in this next election period.

Will you make a donation to strengthen our voice at this critical time?

With your backing, we’ll give nature a louder voice at this critical time, so the voting public and political parties cannot ignore the important issues that will affect generations for years to come.


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