The word forest is a simple one. Upon hearing it our minds instantly conjure images of dense stands of towering trees. Perhaps you can almost smell the crisp, fresh air and hear the wind whispering through the leaves high above.

But as you would know, forests are so much more than just trees.

Healthy forests truly are self-sustaining communities of all kinds of species of plants, animals and insect life.

Sadly, Victoria is the most heavily cleared state in Australia – only about one-third of Victorian forests are what they were when European colonisation began.

Many Victorians still do not realise how much logging continues in our state today.

More than 1.3 million cubic metres of wood was logged in 2016, making Victoria the largest logger of Australian native forest by volume that year. That’s 20 per cent more than Tasmania, and accounts for about one-third of all native forest logged in Australia in 2016. Two-thirds of that wood came from the Mountain Ash forests of the Central Highlands.

Intensive logging continues today throughout Victoria’s Central Highlands, in East Gippsland and in the few remaining forests of the Central West.

But with support from nature-lovers like you, we can stop this from happening.

How to donate:

  • Donate online using the form on this page
  • Or phone us on 03 9341 6500
  • Print out this donation form and post it to Victorian National Parks Association, Level 3, 60 Leicester St, Carlton, VIC, 3053

For assistance, please call us on 03 9341 6500 or email [email protected]


Thank you in advance for your support at this important time, and for all that you do to protect Victoria’s natural places.