Right now, the Andrews Government has an opportunity to do our state proud by creating new national parks for the protection of our forests and the enjoyment of all Victorians.

Almost 60,000 hectares of forest in Victoria’s central west has been recommended for better protection in national parks and reserves – including the Wombat, Wellsford, Pyrenees Ranges, and Mount Cole forests.

The Central West Investigation final recommendations were released by Victorian Environmental Assessment Council (VEAC) in June 2019, and have been tabled in the Victorian Parliament.

Once the government commits to creating the new parks, both houses of parliament must agree. This is usually associated with an implementation funding package. All of this can take some time to complete, and the sooner the resources are available, the better.

VNPA is campaigning for the Andrews Government to support all of the final VEAC recommendations, to move quickly to create the new National Parks and reserves within this term of government, and to provide appropriate resources for park establishment and management.

Some people, however, are resisting any change, arguing that giving these state forests greater protection will restrict what can be done there. But in truth, the proposed parks provide for most recreational activities, while protecting the bush at the same time.

Most importantly, what many people fail to realise is that state forests are essentially just forests the government is waiting to log.

This is a once in a generation opportunity and must act now to ensure these special areas are protected for the future.

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