My name is Grace and I am a Greater Glider.

And my little heart is breaking. The trees I eat and live in are gone. Water, if I can find it, is thick with ash and debris.

Will you donate today to fight for Victoria’s parks and wildlife?

Nature needs you now more than ever.

Greater Gliders like me are quite rare – even rarer now after the fires have wiped out a huge chunk of the bush where I live in East Gippsland.

But now loggers want to cut down even those trees that have been burnt in the recent bushfires.

Donate to help rescue me and all your other Victorian wildlife struggling to survive.

How to donate:

  • Donate online using the form on this page
  • Phone the team on 03 9341 6500
  • Or print out this donation form and post it to Victorian National Parks Association, Level 3, 60 Leicester St, Carlton, VIC, 3053

For assistance, please call us on 03 9341 6500 or email [email protected]

Many thanks in advance for helping save the last of our habitat.