Check list for making your bequest

We recommend that you seek the services of an Australian lawyer when making your Will.

  • Calculate the value of your estate by totalling the value of your property, possessions and money and subtracting loans and mortgages.
  • Decide who should benefit from your Will.
  • Select a practising Australian lawyer to act as your professional advisor. This ensures that your Will is legally correct and will not be void for uncertainty.
  • Select the executor(s) and trustee(s) for your Will: solicitors, family members or friends can act as an executor(s) and/or trustee(s) of your estate.
  • Make sure all formalities are complied with in executing the Will to avoid uncertainty. This should also be done with the guidance of a practising Australian lawyer.

We suggest the following wording as a guide:

I bequeath to the Victorian National Parks Association Inc. [ABN: 34 217 717 593] the…residue of my estate OR [insert percentage]% of my estate OR sum of $[insert specified sum].for general purposes free of all duties. The receipt of the treasurer, secretary or other authorised officer shall be a complete and sufficient discharge to my trustees.

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If you’re considering leaving a gift in your Will, or have already included VNPA in your Will, please get in touch so we can assist you and discuss your wishes.

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Thank you for your consideration – a gift in your Will gives nature a future voice.