The Draft Joint Management Plan for the Barmah National Park has just been released for public comment and needs your support.

Barmah National Park, a great river red gum wetland park on the Murray River, is jointly managed by the Yorta Yorta people and the Government of Victoria under a 1998 Yorta Yorta Co-operative Management Agreement. The park has been recognised internationally for its wetlands, but those wetlands and red gum floodplains, and also its drier box forests, have been suffering from impacts from a range of pest plants and animals.

The Yorta Yorta Traditional Owner Land Management Board (YYTOLMB) has produced a Draft Joint Management Plan for the park, and invited public comment.

The VNPA campaigned for many years to get the Barmah National Parks established and expanded, and we are supportive of indigenous joint and co-management of national parks. The VNPA strongly endorses the draft plan, which we believe will serve the park well for the next decade.

You can lend much-needed support for the plan by sending a short email to the joint management planning team by this Sunday 6 October.

By giving your support for the plan, you are also encouraging the government to increase resources for the management of this important park.

You can say:

I support the Draft Management Plan for Barmah National Park because it aims to:

  • Develop and apply the combined skills and knowledge of Yorta Yorta and the State of Victoria in caring for the park.
  • Build on Parks Victoria’s recent strategy to protect Barmah’s internationally recognised wetlands from feral animals, weeds and unseasonal flooding patterns.
  • Remove all feral horses from the park, and also deal with other hard-hooved grazers like deer, pigs and goats.
  • Welcome and provide services for all people to come together to enjoy, understand and respect a forest and wetlands of international significance.
  • Achieve more sustainable visitor use through improved access, camping and boating facilities, and reduce the impacts on cultural heritage and the environment.
  • Revitalise the Dharnya Visitor Centre and its surrounds to provide a gateway to the park, and a vibrant hub for the development of Yorta Yorta culture, education and tourism.
  • Almost all of the existing recreational activities in Barmah will continue but with provisions that ensure that they do not impact on the park or other visitors. Horse riding, however, will be discontinued in the park (except to access the Dharnya Community Use Area during permitted events and as part of existing licensed tour operations for the term of their current licence), similar to the provisions in most other Victorian national parks.

Email your support for the plan by midnight, this Sunday 6 October 2019, to [email protected]

You can find the full Draft Management Plan at: www.yytolmb.com.au