A state-sponsored logging experiment will see threatened species killed.

The proposed ‘experiment’ by the state-owned logging agency VicForests will result in Greater Gliders and other native animals killed, as revealed by ABC News: ‘VicForests says experiment ‘very likely’ to kill threatened glider, continues research’.

Source: www.abc.net.au

Not only is this unethical, the government’s own Scientific Advisory Committee is very clear and has already told the government that Greater Glider do not survive logging (see: ‘Scientists warn greater glider faces extinction and want it protected from logging’ The Age)

Greater Gliders and dozens of other forest-dependent threatened species are impacted by logging.

Dressing it up as some sort scientific experiment is a disgrace.

Take action now by writing to Ministers Lily D’Ambrosio, Tim Pallas and Jaala Pulford.

Dear Ministers D’Ambrosio, Pallas and Pulford,

I’m concerned about logging in the precious and rare forests of Victoria including East Gippsland.  

These forests are a haven for rare and threatened plants and animals, including the Greater Glider. Forests in East Gippsland and Strathbogie Ranges are havens to the threatened Greater Gliders.  

On top of logging destruction, climate change will severely impact our forests and wildlife. Relatively intact areas like the Emerald Link in East Gippsland offer hope for our ecosystems to face the many challenges in this century and in those to come.

As a key Minister in the Andrews Government with a role in managing forests, you have a unique opportunity to safeguard wildlife from extinction; protect high conservation forests from logging; and provide new options for much needed employment in resilient and diverse regional economies through the creation of new national parks and reserves such as the Emerald Link, the Great Forest National Park and better protection of the Strathbogies.

I urge you to strongly advocate for the Andrews Government to significantly reduce logging and formally establish new national parks by securing and valuing these forests as a standing and intact resource, and by creating responsible conservation tourism infrastructure.

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