Sign your postcard today and protect threatened hooded plovers from racehorses that are destroying their habitat at Belfast Coastal Reserve. We will send it to the ministers turning beaches into racetracks.

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Postcard text:

Dear Ministers D’Ambrosio, Pakula, and Hutchins

The Belfast Coastal Reserve near Warrnambool was created to protect wildlife and cultural heritage, and support passive recreation. But you’ve allowed the horse-racing industry to turn its beaches into race tracks.

That’s bad news for hooded plovers (‘hoodies’) and other threatened birds that feed and breed there. The horses churn up the sand, disturb the chicks and adult nesting birds, crush eggs and damage protective fencing. They also risk the safety and enjoyment of walkers, joggers, swimmers, surfers, anglers, birdwatchers and other beachgoers.

Your government’s claim the licensing of commercial horse training is the best way to protect the hooded plovers – and the reserve – just doesn’t make sense. And it’s likely unlawful.

I back hoodies over horses. It’s time you removed racehorses from the reserve and turned it into a park under the National Parks Act.

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