Hooded plovers – ‘hoodies’ – are in trouble! The Andrew’s Government has turned their very important nesting and feeding areas in the Belfast Coastal Reserve between Warrnambool and Port Fairy into racetracks.

With submissions due for public comment on the Belfast Coastal Reserve Management Plan in March, we are ramping up our campaign to get rid of the racehorses.

Can you spare a few hours to letterbox or take part in a stall to get as many signatures as we can on Save our Hoodies post cards? Find out how below.

Save our hoodies post card


Letterboxing and stalls for hoodies

Hundreds of people have already signed a post card, but we need thousands more to make sure the Government hears our message – The Belfast Coastal Reserve was created to protect wildlife and cultural heritage and support passive recreation and not for private horse racing companies to trash.

We will be distributing post cards in the following electorates. Can you spare a few hours to letterbox or be part of a stall in the following areas?

> Keysborough (the Minister of Racing’s electorate)
> Mill Park (the Environment Minister’s electorate)
> Mulgrave (the Premier’s electorate)
> Northcote
> Brunswick
> Richmond
> Albert Park

To join in, just let us know how many hours you can give and where you’d like to go but clicking on the link below.

Count me in for hoodies

Don’t worry if you’ve never done letterboxing or a stall before. It’s easy and fun and we can give you all the information and support you need to take part.

Hoodies are a threatened species and the last breeding season was one of their worst – on one beach 10 of 11 chicks died. That’s devastating when barely 50 hoodies live in the reserve.

There is no reason for racehorses to be in the Belfast Coastal Reserve. The Andrews Government has funded therapy pool and sand-training track at the Warrnambool Racing Club. And race horses have almost year round access to other beaches where hoodies don’t hang out.

Please join us in ramping up our hoodies campaign and help get thousands of post cards signed so we can send our message loud and clear: “Get race horses out of Belfast Coastal Reserve”.

More information

> Background information on Belfast Coastal Reserve