Skinny feral horse. Photo: Federation students

Time to protect the high country

IN THE MEDIA 11 October 2018 | Opinion piece published in The Herald Sun by Phil Ingamells of Victorian National Parks Association. It might seem like a good idea to protect brumbies roaming free,...
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Duchers Swamp, French Island National Park, Western Port

AGL forced to face facts

MEDIA RELEASE 9 October 2018 Environment Victoria and the Victorian National Parks Association have welcomed today’s decision by Planning Minister Richard Wynne to require a full Environment...
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Alpine National Park. Photo: Paul Sinclair

Nature’s Needs

PARK WATCH September 2018 | Our Director Matt Ruchel outlines ten conservation priorities for the 2018 Victorian state election. VNPA has produced a detailed policy document which has been provided...
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A sambar stag enjoying a bath in one of the Alpine National Parks national and state listed peatbeds.

Deer invasion gone too far!

NEWS 19 September 2018 | Six species of deer are trashing ecosystems in Victoria, frome high plains to rainforest gullies. Estimates pute current population at around one million, which means...
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Sambar deer, caught here browsing and trampling areas where late-lying snow favours some very rare plants. Snowpatch communities are listed as threatened under Victoria’s Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act. VNPA has assisted La Trobe University in this research.

Are deer the new cane toads?

NEWS 5 July 2018 | Deer have largely taken over most of Victoria’s prime natural areas in recent years. Estimates vary, but some say there could be one million deer in the state – possibly...
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