Stop them undermining our wildlife protection and democracy 

The Victorian Government are once again attempting to dilute the already weak and unenforced rules we have for protecting our forest-dependent wildlife and cultural heritage from logging.

If they make these changes, hundreds of zones designed to protect habitat of threatened plant and wildlife, landscapes and public recreation areas won’t be governed by rules, but wishful targets.

This attempt to game the “Code of Practice for Timber Production” is bad news for nature, and very bad news for communities who fight for nature protection.

It includes a direct attack on community groups’ ability to hold logging agencies to account for illegal activity.

Ask the Environment Minister to strengthen the Code, not dilute it.

In the wake of a global extinction crisis, climate disruption and the devastating bushfires, strengthening logging laws and transitioning out of native forest logging is the only responsible way forward.

Leaderbeater Possum © D. Harley

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