Over our 70 years, we’ve been at the forefront of nature conservation in Victoria.

Together with our community, we have been an unstoppable force. We’ve helped secure the protection of over 30 new national parks, 26 state parks, 13 marine national parks, and 11 marine sanctuaries. 

 How did we do it?  

 People like you have been by our side, powering our work each step of the way. That’s what makes every success possible.  

But our work isn’t done yet. Nature in Victoria is facing some of its most dire threats to date, and we need your help to make sure our precious natural places can survive and thrive, now and into the future. 

 To commemorate our 70th anniversary milestone, we’re focusing on 7 core campaigns to protect Victoria’s nature and wildlife:

  •     Making sure our elected representatives legislate and fund Victoria’s newest national parks in the central west. 
  •     Keeping national parks safe from commercial interests. 
  •     Increasing state government funding for parks, for better management and resilience to climate change. 
  •     Filling the gaps in our protected areas estate. 
  •     Advocating for our elected representatives to legislate better protections for our rarest and most special places. 
  •     Bringing people into nature, through citizen science.
  •     Holding our elected representatives to account for laws, policies and government agencies that actually work to protect nature. 

Your generous gift will help us make these ambitions a reality! Chip in today. 

How to donate:

  • Donate online using the form on this page
  • Phone the team on 03 9341 6500
  • Print out this form, fill it in and send it to:
    Victorian National Parks Association
    Level 3, 60 Leicester Street
    CARLTON VIC 3065

Donations over $2 are tax-deductible. ABN: 34 217 717 593

For assistance, please call us on 03 9341 6500 or email [email protected]

Thank you for your gift to nature.