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Volunteer with the VNPA

Volunteers take part in native grasslands monitoring.

Volunteers take part in native grasslands monitoring.


The Victorian National Parks Association wouldn't exist today if it weren't for our dedicated volunteers.

Back in 1952 a group of people formed the association as part of a successful campaign for a national parks system to ensure the protection of our precious wild places.

Today more than 1200 volunteers keep the VNPA running at every level, contributing an impressive range of skills and expertise.

Here are just some of the activities they take part in:



>> Citizen science
>> NatureWatch
>> ReefWatch



  • Helping to keep the Alpine National Park free of weeds though projects such as the WillowBusters program.
  • Monitoring fish species to help track the health of our marine environment through Reef Watch.
  • Getting involved in habitat restoration projects such as Project Hindmarsh and Grow West.
  • Monitoring threatened grasslands species such as the Striped Legless Lizard and Plains Yam Daisy as part of Nature Watch.
  • Trained volunteer bushwalking leaders make sure VNPA members stay safe in the bush.
  • Helping with administration and office duties.

Some volunteers come into the VNPA office regularly. Others help out with specific projects or activities. Because there's always something happening at the VNPA and always work to do, we appreciate any assistance people can give.


Would you like to help out?

Please fill out and send in a volunteer registration form.