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Grasslands threatened species project

Less than one per cent of Victoria's original native grasslands remain. Photo: It's a Wildlife


Grasslands are home to many threatened species that need careful monitoring if we are to ensure their future survival.

As part of that work our volunteers help search for threatened species such as the elusive Golden Sun Moth, Growling Grass Frog and very rare Plains Yam Daisies, making an important contribution to nature conservation in Victoria.

Our grassland threatened species project takes place from September to January and is an excellent way volunteers can contribute to understanding these important species.


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It's also a great opportunity to experience these rare species and contribute to their conservation.

The project has been developed with Biosis Research, City of Whittlesea and Merri Creek Management Committee.


Legging it for LizardsLegging it for Lizards

Using roof tiles as a survey tool 32 eager VNPA volunteers ventured into Iramoo Wildlife Reserve in Melbourne's western suburbs in the spring of 2010 searching for threatened Striped Legless Lizards.

The study followed previous research on this curious animal that had taken place in the same area more than a decade ago in an attempt to better understand the longevity of this species and how it uses the grasslands of the area.

View the report


Frogs in the GrassFrogs in the Grass

This report presents the results of a NatureWatch Growling Grass Frog community monitoring event at the City of Whittlesea Quarry, Epping, in January 2011.

It is part of the VNPA's grasslands community monitoring project, run by the association's NatureWatch program and developed to monitor threatened species in grasslands and involve the community in gathering much needed data.

View the report


Moths in the SunMoths in the Sun

This report presents the results of three years of community monitoring for Golden Sun Moths in the Derrimut Grassland Reserve.

The objectives of the monitoring were to:

  1. Document the distribution of Golden Sun Moths within the Derrimut Grassland Reserve.
  2. Determine whether there is a relationship between the distribution and abundance of moths and biomass (mown and unmown areas).

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More info

 To get involved contact NatureWatch Coordinator Christine Connelly at or phone 9341 6510.

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