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Communities Listening for Nature

Singing female Superb Fairy-wren. Photographer: David Paul

Singing female Superb Fairy-wren. Photographer: David Paul


Now, NatureWatch doesn't just watch nature, we listen to nature too!

Communities Listening for Nature is an exciting new bird call project using sound recording technology, and is our latest NatureWatch project.

In partnership with Museum Victoria, we are using state-of-the-art recording devices and automated sound recognition technology to monitor birds in Victoria.

We are working with local community groups to set up the project at several sites. This long-term monitoring will help answer important questions about local bird species.


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Our recordings will also contribute to a Victoria-specific collection of bird sounds that will be managed by Museum Victoria and publicly available as part of their online collections.

This project is funded by the Helen Macpherson Smith Trust and in part by the Hugh D T Williamson Foundation.


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To get involved contact NatureWatch Coordinator Christine Connelly at or phone 9341 6510.