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Bites, camera, action! Critters get their own motion pictures

Caught on camera


They're cute, they're curious and they're captured! The VNPA's NatureWatch program has been using motion-sensing cameras to monitor mammals in the Wombat State Forest, Bunyip State Park and Hindmarsh.

In Wombat State Forest and Bunyip State Park we have been looking at the impact of fire on mammals, and in Hindmarsh we are comparing mammals on revegetation sites, cleared sites and remnant sites.


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We work with great partners in all of these projects, including local groups Wombat Forestcare, Friends of Bunyip State Park and Hindmarsh Landcare Network, scientists from Eco Insights and local land managers.


Wombat State Forest - A Guide to the Mammals 'Caught on Camera'

The Wombat State Forest is about 90km northwest of Melbourne, and
home to numerous native Victorian mammals.

This handy field guide was produced using photos taken as part of the
VNPA's Caught on Camera monitoring project, which uses motion-sensing cameras to capture animals in the forest.

View the field guide


Caught on Camera - A Monitoring Project in the Wimmera Region

In 2013 the Victorian National Parks Association trialled its Caught on Camera wildlife monitoring project in Victoria's Wimmera region to help celebrate 15 years of the Hindmarsh Landcare Network.

As well as giving us a chance to explore the value of revegetation on private land it was a great way of developing closer links with the local community.

View the report


Caught on Camera - A Monitoring in Bunyip State ParkCaught on Camera - A Monitoring Project in Bunyip State Park

This is the second 'Caught on Camera' progress report, this time
taking a look at community monitoring of native animals in
Bunyip State Park.

The project will contribute to scientific research into the impact of fire on mammals, and could run for another 10 years.

View the report


Caught on CameraCaught on Camera

Our Caught on Camera project trial in Victoria's Wombat State Forest has been developed to help answer the question 'What is the impact of fire on mammals?'

The project involved working closely with scientists and local community groups using motion sensing cameras to monitor and capture images of fauna in the forest.

View the report



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And a big thanks to the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife and the Lord Mayors Charitable Foundation for funding this project.


More info

To get involved contact NatureWatch Coordinator Christine Connelly at or phone 9341 6510.

Follow us on Facebook to see regular images of the fauna 'caught on camera'.