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Victorian 2009 February Fires report

Commissioned by the Victorian National Parks Association, Australian Conservation Foundation and The Wilderness Society, this report analyses the driving influences of the February 7 Victorian bushfires and how they passed through and affected different areas.

You can download the full report, a 6.5mb pdf, or if you have a slow internet connection we suggest you download the report in individual sections.

Download full report (6.5mb pdf)

Download individual sections

1.0 Introduction and table of contents (164kb pdf)

2.0 Conditions leading up to the February fires (228kb pdf)

3.0 Rating the conditions of 7 February (50kb pdf)

4.0 Weather conditions and wildfires ignited on 7 February 2009 (74kb pdf)

5.0 Selected major fires ignited on 7 February 2009

6.0 Other fires in Victoria (166kb pdf)

7.0 Overall area fire affected (40kb pdf)

8.0-9.0 Fire danger and changing climate patterns / Fuel reduction burns and extreme fire danger index (108kb pdf)

10 Conclusions (44kb pdf)

References (74kb pdf)