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Falls To Hotham Alpine Crossing 2016 Draft Master Plan

While we enthusiastically encourage broad community access to our national parks and reserves, and acknowledge the significant and growing role our parks play in supporting regional tourism, we do not believe the draft Master Plan for the Falls to Hotham Alpine Crossing (FHAC) proposal has sufficient merit to proceed.

It will not improve the health of Victoria's Alpine National Park, nor will it significantly advance the health of the community, indeed it may do the opposite. And we do not believe it is the best way to serve regional tourism.

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Moolap Coastal Strategic Framework Plan Discussion Paper

In recent years we have maintained a close interest in the future of the internationally significant Moolap coastal wetlands at the former Cheetham Saltworks, and continue to support calls for their protection. The current planning process has also allowed us to consider the future planning, management and use of Point Henry and the Moolap coastal area more broadly, including the nearshore waters.

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Inquiry into the Control of Invasive Animals on Crown Land

In our submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry into the Control of Invasive Animals on Crown Land we call for more funding for Parks Victoria so that it can engage professional hunters to deal with deer and other pest animals.

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Draft Wild Horse Management Plan for Kosciuszko National Park

We have made submission to the Draft Wild Horse Management Plan for Kosciuszko National Park in support of the submission made by the National Parks Association of NSW.

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Inquiry into Fire Season Preparedness

In a submission to a Parliamentary Inquiry into Fire Season Preparedness, we outlined a number of important life saving strategies that aren't adequately employed in Victoria. If they were, there might be less reliance on extreme levels of fuel reduction burning.

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Infrastructure Victoria: All things considered

This paper discusses options Infrastructure Victoria is considering in preparing its 30-year strategy.

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Draft Biodiversity Strategy: Protecting Victoria's Environment - Biodiversity 2036

It's almost two decades years since a formal conservation or biodiversity strategy has been developed in Victoria, so we welcome strongly the development of this new 20-year plan for the state, Protecting Victoria's Environment - Biodiversity 2036.

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Review of the 2010 Point Nepean National Park Master Plan

Over summer 2016 Parks Victoria began consulting with the community on updating the draft 2010 Master Plan for Point Nepean National Park and its Quarantine Station.

The new round of consultation followed the lapsing of the developer's lease on 64ha of the national park in June 2015. The developer's plans for the park were excessive and inappropriate.

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Moolap Coastal Strategic Framework Plan

The Moolap salt fields and Ramsar wetlands along Port Phillip Bay and the Bellarine Peninsula are home to tens of thousands of birds each summer, providing habitat for species that have migrated there from as far as Siberia and the Arctic.

Uncertainty over the future of the former Cheetham Saltworks provides a rare opportunity to see the Moolap Planning Area become an internationally important conservation and ecotourism location on Geelong's doorstep.

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Statewide Assessment of Public Land

An initial submission to the Victorian Environmental Assessment Council's Statewide Assessment of Public Land. This broad-brush investigation will look at how well Victoria's system of public land categories works, and assess the current effectiveness of the reservation status of land across Victoria.

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Review of Performance Targets for Bushfire Fuel Management on Public Land

As part of the Victorian Government's review of performance targets for bushfire fuel management there needs to be an end to the simplistic, hectare-based, statewide target and a move to a risk-based approach.

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Biosecurity Bill 2012 / 2014

The considerable potential of this bill and the Biosecurity Bill 2014 to provide for stronger environmental biosecurity is limited by flawed institutional arrangements and deficient decision-making and review process.

This submission was prepared by the Invasive Species Council and endorsed by 27 other environmental NGOs, incuding the VNPA.

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Point Nepean Quarantine Station

The Victorian National Parks Association is deeply concerned about the arrangements for the development and commercial use of the Point Nepean Quarantine Site. We are opposed to the development in its current form and the process to be undertaken for its approval.

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Draft Management Plan for the Greater Alpine National Parks - VNPA submission part 1

Among one of our many points is that the Greater Alpine National Parks draft management plan does not adequately recognise science-based management as the most important way to ensure long-term protection of Victoria's alpine parks.

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Bells Beach Visioning Submission

The Victorian National Parks Association supports the local recreational surfing groups - Surfers Appreciating the Natural Environment, Surfrider Foundation Surf Coast Branch and Bells Beach Preservation Society, who have collaborated with Traditional Owners of Bells to create a vision for Bells Beach, which is the Bells Beach Surf Sanctuary.

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Hooded Plover - EPBC Act Nomination

The VNPA strongly supports the nomination of the hooded plover (eastern sub-species) to the schedule of threatened species under the EPBC Act and we have provided supporting information in this submission.

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Grampians Peak Trail Draft Master Plan

The Victorian National Parks Association supports the concept of a multi-day walking track, north south through the Grampians National Park. However, we also have significant objections to some of the aspects outlined in the draft master plan.

We do not support the proposed seven areas identified for privately built and operated hiker lodges within the park.

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Stage 4 Shipwreck Coast Masterplan

Port Campbell National Park, the Great Otway National Park, the Bay of Islands Coastal Park, the Twelve Apostles Marine National Park and The Arches Marine Sanctuary, as a collective, are not only the main drawcards for tourism to the region but also recognised for
their natural values both within Australia and internationally.

It is critical that they are protected and enhanced, not opened for private tourism development, especially considering the amount of cleared private land and existing townships that are potentially available for this use.

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Stockman Mine EES submission

The Stockman Mine is a major mine proposed for the headwaters of the Tambo River in East Gippsland that poses many risks to the environment. An earlier mine at the same site cost the State Government approximately $7 million to clean up. We believe this new, larger mine poses serious risks to the environment and should not go ahead.

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The Biodiversity Conservation Strategy

This is a joint submission relevant to matters within the South-eastern Growth Area, Sub-Regional Species Strategies for the Southern Brown Bandicoot and the proposed development in the South-east Growth Corridor.

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Ecological thinning in red gum national parks

We support sound, science-based management of national parks and protected areas and have long supported restoration projects in parks and reserves on these principles.

But we believe that the proposal for ecological thinning in River Red Gum national parks is deeply flawed and based on very poor decision making.

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Wonnangatta Valley Research Trial

Of all the processes relating to management and protection of the Victorian Alpine Region we have been involved in we would be hard pressed to find a process so badly conceived, and so full of misleading information, as the current proposal to put cattle back into the Wonnangatta Valley for a so-called 'scientific trial'.

This submission is a Response to Supplementary Documentation posted by DEPI in relation to the referral to the Federal Government for: Investigation of bushfire fuel management in the Wonnangatta Valley using strategic grazing of domestic livestock (26 Nov 2013). Reference Number: 2013/7069.

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Permit application for partial demolition and repair of Mt Buffalo Chalet

The VNPA generally agrees with the demolition of 'newer' parts of the Mt Buffalo Chalet and other outbuildings as identified in the recent EPBC referral to the Federal Government, and the restoration of the older buildings identified in that referral.

Importantly though, while we understand that the Victorian Government is allocating between $7-$9 million to prepare the site for commercial operations, we are concerned that recent changes to the National Parks Act allow a lease agreement of up to 99 years.

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Investigation of bushfire fuel management in the Wonnangatta Valley using strategic grazing of domestic livestock

This proposed 'trial' is so poorly planned and without merit it should be rejected forthwith by the federal environment minister.

Failing that before making any decision the minister should call for substantial on-site flora and fauna surveys, a peer-reviewed experimental design, an environmental impact assessment and an environmental management plan - as well as a clear justification for holding the trial inside the National Heritage listed Alpine National Park in the first place.

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Introduction of camping fees to Victoria's national parks

Plans by the Victorian Government to introduce camping fees would disadvantage many potential visitors to our state's national parks.

Not only would the fees hurt the hip pocket nerve of traditional family campers who return every year tospots like Wilsons Prom and the Grampians, but 'bush campers' in areas like the Barmah and Alpine National Park would also feel the pinch.

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Draft Concepts Shipwreck Coast Master Plan

As the leading nature conservation organisation in Victoria, the VNPA are committed to ensuring future master planning for the Shipwreck Coast has the protection and management of regions natural and cultural values at
the forefront.

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Response to the Ngootyoong Gunditj, Ngootyoong Mara, South West Draft Management Plan.

The VNPA supports the strong involvement of Indigenous communities in the development of the draft. The 'plan' gives some good strategic directions for park management in Victoria's south-west, but falls well short of requirements for park management plans.

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Inquiry into Heritage Tourism and Ecotourism in Victoria

The VNPA's submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry into Heritage Tourism highlights our concerns with private developments in parks.

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Wild Horse Management in the Victorian Alps

This submission to Parks Victoria's strategy to manage feral horse damage in the Alpine National Park deals with legislation, horse impacts, and humane control of feral horses.

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Submission attachments

  1. Federal listing of Alpine Sphagnum Bogs and Associated Fens
  2. Victorian listing of Degradation and Loss of Habitat by Feral Horses
  3. Observations of Pest Horse Impacts in the Australian Alps (Worboys and Pulsford)


VEAC investigation into Additional Prospecting Areas in Parks

Prospecting is a damaging activity wherever it occurs, and is at odds with the purpose of reservation of Victoria's national and state parks. National parks have internationally recognised high levels of protection for their natural values. For this reason alone, the terms of reference are flawed.

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Public Land Mountain Bike Draft Guidelines

Mountain biking as a popular and healthy exercise enjoyed by many in the community. To this end we support the construction of facilities in areas where their use by mountain bikers and others will not be contested. These areas are generally close to population centres and have lower conservation values than conservation reserves.

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Mornington Peninsula National Park Dog Walking Review

The Mornington Peninsula National Park is by far the most visited national park in Victoria, and is an ideal place to 'showcase' best practice park management. In our submission to the Parks Victoria review the VNPA calls for no dogs in Mornington Peninsula National Park.

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Review of Victoria's native vegetation permitted clearing regulations

A Victorian Government review of native vegetation laws is troubling in that it seems to be swinging away from a policy of avoiding the clearing of native vegetation to one that allows clearing. It is also concerning to see the policy geared towards a 'hands-off' approach to environmental management.

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2012 Fire Operations Plans

These submissions (one for each of the Department of Sustainability and Environment's fire management regions) are the VNPA's response to proposed planned burning operations over the next three years.

Primarily, we argue that the 5% statewide burn target confounds good fire planning, and in some cases significantly affects biodiversity. We also make the point that DSE is not providing enough information to the public to allow informed comment on planned burning operations.

North East Region
North West Region
Port Phillip Region

South East Region
South Wast Region



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