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School resources by topic for years 7-12

School resources by topic for years 7-12.


People and nature

Nature, wellbeing and mental health

Relationships with nature (Bendigo Bushland stories)

National parks guide

Impact of conservation/positive human impacts on outdoor environments


School resources

Outdoor and environmental studies


Environmental science

School resources by topic for years 7-12


Impacts of commercial activities on outdoor environments

Impacts of recreational activities on outdoor environments

Impacts of urbanisation on outdoor environments


Biodiversity - habitat types and natural threats


Alpine and forests






Riparian and wetlands

  • Riverside Rescue: A report providing solutions for Riparian Land in Victoria.
  • 13 Thirsty Species: A report highlighting 13 flood-dependent species under threat from lack of water in the River Red Gum parks.
  • Murray River Park: Cattle grazing and its impact on water quality.


Climate change




Invasive species


History of the VNPA and its environmental campaigns

VNPA history


VNPA campaign: Cattle grazing in the Alpine National Park

VNPA campaign: Marine national parks and sanctuaries


VNPA Campaign: Development at Bastion Point

VNPA Campaign: Development at Wilson's Prom


VNPA Campaign: Great Forest National Park

Other historical campaigns and information

Contact us for a list of books detailing historical conservation campaigns such as 'Defending the Little Desert' can be bought from the Victorian National Parks Association.