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School resources

Victorian National Parks Association school resources for environmental studies. Photo: Phil Ingamells


We have collated a range of resources for high school students and teachers.

Our resources are currently largely based around relevant VCE Units for Outdoor and Environmental Studies, Environmental Science and Geography.

They are relevant for high school students studying many issues or topics surrounding nature and experiencing the outdoors in Victoria.

These resources will be useful for researching and learning about many issues associated with nature in Victoria including (but not limited to) alpine cattle grazing, experiencing outdoor environments, marine national parks and sanctuaries and the importance of healthy outdoor environments.


School resources

Outdoor and environmental studies


Environmental science

School resources by topic for years 7-12

They are a great way to learn about key conservation issues and nature based experiences in Victoria. Both teachers and students will find these resources a useful guide to protecting and experiencing Victoria's wonderful natural heritage.


Future resources

Over time we will be developing and adding to these resources. If you are a teacher or student and have something you would like to see here, please let us know on