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Park Watch

Subscribe, it's free!Park Watch is our quarterly, colour magazine and is available online, free of charge, as a flipbook.

It keeps readers up-to-date with the current issues facing Victoria's national parks and includes stories written by experts in their field. Park Watch also provides excellent people profiles, book reviews and outdoor adventure articles.

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Park Watch December 2014 - No 259

This year's World Parks Congress in Sydney left our parks campaigner Phil Ingamells deeply moved, deeply worried, and elated. Find out why in the December 2014 edition of Park Watch.

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Park Watch September 2014 - No 258

This edition of Park Watch analyses the results of six years' worth of work in the form of our fourth nature conservation review.

The product of exhaustive research and dedication from many people, it highlights the urgent need for all political parties to refocus their efforts on protecting Victoria's incredible natural areas.

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Park Watch June 2014 - No 257

Each year about 35 million people visit Victoria's national parks, generating some $2 billion for the state economy and supporting over 40,000 jobs.

In this edition of Park Watch we take a closer look at how parks contribute to our bottom line, the health of our society and of course protection of our natural environment.

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Park Watch March 2014 - No 256

Are we in danger of loving our coastline to death? That's the big question we ask in this edition of Park Watch after a new report finds that our coasts are under enormous pressure from climate change and development fed by population growth.

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Park Watch December 2014 - No 255

In our Christmas edition we celebrate our Shine a Light for Parks at the Prom event, which drew more than 1200 campers to send a clear message to the Victorian Government - Hands off Parks! We also hear the case for a new Giant Forest National Park.

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Park Watch September 2013 - No 254

With ongoing attacks on the integrity of our parks system it's time to 'Shine a light for parks at the Prom'!

We report on the increased risk of oil spills in Westernport Bay under port expansion plans, take a look at a new idea to create a 'Green Edge' for Melbourne, and go rambling down the Lerderderg River.

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 Park Watch September 2013


Park Watch June 2013 - No 253

In this edition of Park Watch we focus on why it's so important to value and protect our national parks.

We have an intriguing story on the mysterious world of fungi, take a peek at Melbourne's Royal Park, which lies just beyond the city's northern edge, and offer a free sustainable firewood guide.

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 Park Watch June 2013


Park Watch March 2013 - No 252

The importance of protecting parks and habitats, the future of bushwalking, nature and children, it's all in our March 2013 edition of Park Watch.

We also check out New Zealand's Chatham Islands and report on unusually large numbers of Malleefowl along Mallee roadsides.

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Park Watch December 2012 - No 251

In the latest edition of Park Watch we celebrate 10 years of marine national parks, and the tenth anniversary of our award winning program Reef Watch.

We analyse moves to log red gum forests in Victoria and NSW, and scrutinise plans to weaken native vegetation laws.

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Park Watch September 2012 - No 250

We explore why private development in parks is neither sustainable or affordable.

We also take a closer look at a proposal to open up the Wombat Forest to mining and investigate why the Wellsford Forest near Bendigo should be protected under the National Parks Act.

And don't miss James Hewlett's account of exploring Tasmania's stunning Overland Track!

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Park Watch June 2012 - No 249

As the VNPA celebrates its 60th anniversary we look back at the important role naturalist, journalist and broadcaster Philip Crosbie Morrison played in our formation.

We also explain why federal environmental protections should be strengthened, not handed over the the states.

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 Park Watch June 2012.