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Sign the petition and help rescue Victoria's parks

Everyone has a favourite spot at 'The Prom'. This photo is of Waterloo Bay, which you can only get to by foot or boat. Photo: David Neilson


Published 13 July 2016

Where do you go when you need to escape it all? Is it the Prom, with its secret coves and beautiful beaches? Or maybe you head for the Alps at the first sign of snow.

Perhaps you're a history buff and love exploring the old buildings at Pt Nepean National Park, or maybe you're more into wilderness, and have walked some of our truly remote areas, such as the Avon Wilderness.


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Like all Victorians, we love our national parks, but they are in danger. Years of cutbacks have left park rangers demoralised and basic park amenities at risk of being run into the ground.

That's why we need you to sign our petition and help Rescue our Parks >>


Please add your voice

More than 2000 people have already signed our petition, both online and on paper. But we need many more voices to have an impact.

The dangers to our national parks are very real:

  • Since 2010 government funding has dropped by $33 million while visitor numbers continue to climb.
  • Parks signs, toilet blocks and other basic amenities are being damaged, graffitied and generally left to run down.
  • Feral pigs are being left to run free and feral deer are in plague proportions, seriously damaging rainforests and precious native habitat.


Tourism drawcard

Victoria's parks system injects $1 billion a year into the economy through tourism and another $330 million in clean water and services.

In just one year about 35 million people visit our parks. No wonder surveys show that 96 per cent of Victorians recognise the importance of national parks for conserving nature and protecting native wildlife, and 81 per cent support increasing funding for protecting nature.


Help rescue our parks

The only way the Victorian Government will sit up and take notice of the massive decline in the health of our parks is if enough of us demand action.

You can do that by signing our petition, which calls on the Victorian Government to:

  • Immediately return Parks Victoria funding to at least 2010-11 levels (an increase of at least $30 million a year).
  • Develop a future funding plan ensuring substantial increases to build the resources and expertise to fix up our parks, and address the many threats including weeds, pests and the pressures of climate change.
  • Make parks special places with appropriate tracks, signs and facilities so they are welcoming to all Victorians.

Victoria's parks system is incredible. It has deserts to explore, mountains to climb, forests to get lost in and beaches the envy of the world. But it needs looking after, it needs your voice.

Sign our petition and help Rescue our Parks >>