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This is where we post our latest campaign news and keep you up-to-date on bushwalking and activities events.

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Report reveals true value of Victoria's unprotected forests

A new independent assessment of Victoria's eastern forests reveals many areas targeted by the logging industry are also incredibly important forest habitat.

Of the forest-dependent species looked at in the report, 12 are listed as threatened in Victoria. Of those 12 timber harvesting is a recognised threat to all but one, including the critically endangered Leadbeater's Possum.

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Does the Prom need a high-powered boat tour?

What do you think, would high-powered boats jetting in and out of Norman Bay ruin the Prom experience we all know and love? Parks Victoria wants to know what you think, read our thoughts on the matter then take their online survey.

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Fate of endangered Leadbeater's Possum must be kept from loggers' hands

A report suggesting the fate of Victoria's critically endangered Leadbeater's Possum could be handed over to the logging industry has angered conservation groups.

The report follows the failure of the Victorian Government's Forest Industry Taskforce to reach a consensus between conservation groups, the forest industry and unions.

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National park protection a win for Anglesea Heathlands

For decades we have fought side-by-side with the Geelong Environment Council and local group ANGAIR to have the Anglesea Heathlands protected and now, finally, this extraordinary landscape will become part of the Great Otway National Park.

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Last chance to have your say on native vegetation regulations

The Victorian Government has extended the deadline for submissions to its review of native vegetation clearance regulations.

Victoria is the most cleared state in Australia. What remains of our native vegetation is valuable habitat and needs proper protections. Please make a submission by March 8.

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Free Mt Stirling - make it part of the Alpine National Park

A new Victorian Government review offers Finally, a chance to manage Mt Stirling the way it should be managed - as a national park.

Learn why and have your say by making a submission before 17 February 2017.

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Our nature protection laws need fundamental reform

For too long Victoria's vulnerable native plants and animals have been let down by poor laws that need fundamental reform.

But moves by the Victorian Government to overhaul these laws offers the chance of a long overdue upgrade.

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Falls to Hotham Alpine Crossing development fails the pub test

The proposal to develop a high-end walk with luxury accommodation in the Alpine National Park fails on a number of counts.

The plan includes the construction of 31 new buildings in the park (21 of them 'luxury huts'), and comes at a time when funds are desperately needed to repair walking tracks and visitor facilities, as well as for tackling deer, weed and feral horse invasions.

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Plans to log native forests in western Victoria slammed

Plans to restart logging in western Victoria's forests will never be ecologically or economicalloy sustainable and should be dropped.

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Not-so-healthy parks for wealthy people

A multi-million dollar revamp of walking tracks between the Falls Creek and Mt Hotham alpine resorts will push out self-sufficient bushwalkers and open up the area to privately-built 'alpine lodging'.

The Parks Victoria plans are aimed at the 'high-yield' luxury market.

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Greater Glider threatened species listing

The Greater Glider is the largest of our gliding possums and lives high in the forest canopy, rarely touching the ground.

But in Victoria much of the old tree hollows in which it lives have been lost to logging and it's now recommended these beautiful creatures be listed as a Threatened Species.

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Building a National Parks Service for Victoria

When Dr Len Smith took over as the Director of National Parks for Victoria in 1958, he wanted to give Victorians something that would endure for all future generations.

How he did that has now been brought to life in a new book commissioned by his children and freely available on our website.

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Planning Point Nepean National Park

After two decades of often intense and passionate public debate we're finally close to having a plan that maps out a protected future for Point Nepean National Park.

The new draft master plan is now open for public comment, and we encourage you to have your say!

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Bernie Fox honoured with lifetime achievement award

The legacy of our former president, Bernie Fox, who passed away earlier this year, has been honoured with a Lifetime Achievement Award from Parks Victoria.

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New native vegetation regulations released for final comment

Victoria is the most cleared state in Australia, so the new native vegetation regulations will be vital for protecting our remaining habitats and the wildlife that depends on them.

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All we want for Christmas is a plan for our Fairy Possum

Santa's run off his feet so we're hoping Australia's environment minister can take a bit of heat off the big fella by personally delivering a very Christmas gift to Victoria, a plan to rescue our endangered Fairy Possum.

Can you join us by sending our environment minister Josh Frydenberg a very special Christmas request?

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Greens give hoodies a fighting chance

There's new hope for our little hoodies currently under threat from commercial horse training at Belfast Coastal Reserve.

A move by the Greens has given the Andrews Government time to rethink its plan to license this destructive behaviour and to do the right thing by Hoodies and the community.

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Half-time score marred by free kick to horse racing industry

The Andrews Government has kicked a number of goals for the environment, but dropped the ball when it favoured the race horsing industry over protecting Hooded Plovers at Belfast Coastal Reserve.

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Managing country in southwest Victoria

The combination of indigenous culture and ecological knowledge are proving a powerful force for nature when it comes to managing country in southwest Victoria.

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Looking out for the Bunyip

Don't let the thought of a lurking Bunyip put you off visiting Bunyip State Park, it's full of beautiful surprises, and its many walking trails make it easy to explore.

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Take a punt on Herring Island

The Friends of Herring Island have put a lot of hard work into this little gem tucked away on the Yarra River, and yet the environmental sculpture park is crying out for more visitors.

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Bendigo celebrates being a good 'bushland neighbour'

If you live in or near Bendigo interacting with nature is probably a daily occurrence, but how good are we at caring for the native plants and animals that surround us?

A new book and website helps locals get out and explore Bendigo and is filled with tips on how to be a good 'bushland neighbour'.

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Logging plan puts squeeze on high value native forests

Victoria just became the largest logger of native forest in Australia - not a title we should be proud of.

And under future plans high conservation value forests in the Central Highlands and East Gippsland look set for the chopping block.

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Government puts racehorses ahead of protecting our hoodies

Belfast Coastal Reserve near Warrnambool is the second most important breeding site on Victoria's coastline for the tiny Hooded Plover, listed as Vulnerable in Victoria and nationally.

And yet an invasion by horse trainers, sanctioned this week by the Victorian Government, is putting this fragile little bird at risk.

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Are you ready for the Great Victorian Fish Count?

Are you ready to take a dive that counts? This year's Great Victorian Fish Count runs for three weeks and begins this Saturday, 19 November. Details about how to get involved are on our website.

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Hunting in parks no job for amateurs

Moves to give deer hunters greater access to our national parks is a recipe for disaster.

Nature-based tourism in Victoria is an economic powerhouse, but do families want to share a campground with camouflaged gun-carriers and cars draped with dead deer?

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Join us in Bendigo to launch Living Next to Nature

Join us to celebrate the launch of Living Next to Nature: Being a Good Neighbour to Bendigo's Bushland.

Come down to Bendigo's much-loved No7 Park on Saturday, 26 November to receive your free copy of Living Next to Nature, share a cuppa with locals, and join author/illustrator Trace Balla to sketch what you see.

Bookings essential


Call for moratorium on logging in Strathbogie Ranges

Logging threatens some of the most beautiful forest left in Victoria's Strathbogie Ranges.

Local conservationists are now calling for a moratorium on logging until the forest values can be properly assessed. Please sign the petition and help protest these forests

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New investigation into Victoria's central west forests

The Wombat forest near Daylesford is a natural gem loved by many for its natural bushland and wildlife.

Now, along with the Wellsford, Mt Cole and Pyrenees Range forests, it is about to have its natural values assessed by the Victorian Environmental Assessment Council.

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Belfast Coastal Reserve - Hooded Plovers at risk

Belfast Coastal Reserve near Warrnambool is the second most important breeding ground on Victoria's coastline for the tiny Hooded Plover, listed as Vulnerable in Victoria and nationally.

And yet an invasion by horse trainers treating the reserve like a race track is putting this fragile little bird at risk.

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Half-time huddle: What's the government achieved?

Premier Daniel Andrews came to power with the promise of making Victoria a leader on climate change and the environment.

His government has had a solid first half, and as it approaches its second anniversary we're holding a number of community forums to update you on what still needs to happen, and how can you help.

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Auditor-General scathing about Victoria's management of Ramsar sites

A new report by the Auditor-General's Office has raised questions about whether or not Victoria is meeting its national and international obligations in managing globally significant Ramsar wetlands.

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Horses for courses, not beaches

What chance do tiny Hooded Plovers have against the pounding of race horses along the beach and sand dunes of Belfast Coastal Reserve? Chris Smyth investigates.

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Citizen scientists saving threatened species habitat

In East Gippsland citizen scientists are taking threatened species management into their own hands, and the results have been spectacular.

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Ending the reign of hard hooves

Getting cows, deer, horses, goats and pigs out of national parks is proving very difficult, even though the damage they do is abundantly clear, writes Phil Ingamells.

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Rescuing our parks, one step at a time

Katherine Isbrandt adores waking up in the Victorian Alps, her favourite place to hike. But she's not blind to the threats facing our alps, and recently decided to do something about it.

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Update: Forest Industry Taskforce

Before the 2014 state election Labor promised a taskforce that would take a 'consensus approach' to any new national parks. The taskforce has been running since May 2015 and involved many intensive discussions.

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Calls of the wild

The western Strzeleckis remain home to an abundance of woodland bird species. And now we're listening in with the local community to see what they can tell us!

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Farming zone must go at Belfast Coastal Reserve near Warrnambool

A beautiful stretch of coastal reserve between Port Fairy and Warrnambool could be lost to farming if the local council fails to rezone the tourism drawcard.

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Protecting Victoria's wildlife with sledgehammers and nut crackers

Almost 30 years ago Victoria introduced what was then considered landmark threatened species laws.

But have they been successful in protecting our most vulnerable native plants and animals? On Australia's Threatened Species Day we take a look.

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Wacky Infrastructure Victoria parks plans straight out of Utopia

It's a plotline that has left us scratching our heads, but believe it or not Infrastructure Victoria is toying with the idea of privatising parts our parks system.

They obviously didn't get the memo from our Shine a Light for Parks at the Prom night when more than 1200 people turned up to make it clear they're not interested in privatising our parks.

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Blairgowrie Pier site of world's largest marine sponge transplant ever attempted

One of Melbourne's favourite dive spots, Blairgowrie Pier, will be centre stage tomorrow as divers attempt what is thought to be the largest marine sponge transplant ever attempted, in the world.

It's an event not to be missed, so make sure you come down if you can. The launch starts at 10am.

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Is the tide turning for our upside-down river?

The muddy banks of the Yarra River have a place in all of our hearts, but could the health of our 'upside-down' river be improved?

The Victorian Government has just released a discussion on how to best protect the Yarra for generations to come. Have your say.

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Invasive animals in the spotlight

Are you interested in having a say on how we control damaging feral animals such as deer in Victoria's national parks?

A new inquiry created in response to the use of hunting organisations in the control of invasive animals on Crown land is your chance.

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Sign the petition and help rescue Victoria's parks

Our parks system injects about $1 billion into the economy every year and attracts about 35 million visitors a year.

But years of cutbacks have put our parks in danger.

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Mt Stirling Summit Tree recognised as a living treasure

The lonely Snow Gum atop Mt Stirling's grassy summit, estimated to be almost 500 years old, has been recognised on Australia's Register of Significant Trees.

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'Balance' needs to favour environment at Moolap wetlands

If we get the 'balance' right the Moolap wetlands near Geelong could become a globally important conservation and ecotourism area reconnecting people with nature.

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Mt Arapiles, a mecca for climbers and a nature lover's paradise

It has long been a major drawcard for climbers looking for adventure, but there's so much more to explore at Mt Arapiles - Tooan State Park if you're a true nature lover.

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Traditional Owners take on park management

In other parts of Australia Traditional Owners have co-managed protected areas for decades, but in Victoria progress has been slower. Is that about to change?

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ReefWatch coordinator dives head first into new role

He's dived with Grey Nurse Sharks in NSW and photographed corals in Darwin Harbour. Now Kade Mills joins the Victorian National Parks Association as our ReefWatch coordinator, and can't wait to meet our marine community, above and below the water.

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Labor promises to protect national parks under national laws

Labor's pledge to protect national parks under federal environmental laws if elected at the 2016 election would finally end flawed schemes such as putting cattle in the Alpine National Park under the guise of a scientific trial.

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Bringing back our wetlands - Murray Family Conservation Reserve

We couldn't have hoped for a better start from Victoria's new environment minister, Lily D'Ambrosio. This week she launched a new deep freshwater marsh reserve on the Moolort Plains, near Castlemaine.

Let's hope the new Murray Family Conservation Reserve is the first of many steps to bring back our wetlands.

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Symposium - Our Changing Landscapes: Acting on Climate Impacts

The second VicNature 2050 symposium will be held on June 7 and looks at how, when, where and indeed whether we should intervene in landscapes as they transform under the influence of changes in the climate.

More specifically, the day will look at possibilities and problems involved in increasing the genetic diversity of vulnerable species, or introducing new 'climate ready' species, especially in areas where increased landscape connectivity is needed.

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Help create a survival plan for Leadbeater's Possum

A new national recovery plan could give us the tools we need to properly protect our faunal emblem from extinction, but only if the plan puts the possum's survival ahead of logging interests.

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Snow gums knocked down on Corn Hill Ridgeline Track

Scores of trees, mainly slow-growing snow gums, have been knocked over, chainsawed or smashed, presumably by a bulldozer blade, to widen a track into a 4-metre wide road at Howqua Gap between Mt Buller and Mt Stirling.

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Project Hindmarsh 2016

Project Hindmarsh is on again and this year we'll be planting out habitat on the northern edge of Lake Hindmarsh. The planting weekend is a great way to help restore habitat and meet the locals.

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Budget boost not yet enough to rescue Victoria's parks

A funding boost of $20 million to revitalise parks infrastructure is a step in the right direction, but our parks and reserves will need a lot more if we're going to rescue our parks service from years of savage staff cuts.

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Point Nepean planning must be fair and transparent

Victorians have fought long and hard to protect Point Nepean National Park from inappropriate development. The current master planning process must remain fair, transparent, inclusive and publicly accountable.

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Help protect remnant bushland

Protecting what's left of Victoria's native bushland is the best thing we can do to look after habitat for our native plants and animals, including our precious threatened species.

That's why we need you to make a submission to the Victorian Government's review of native vegetation permitted clearing regulations before April 29.

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Vale Bernie Fox

Bernie Fox was a true champion of the Victorian bush and was always deeply generous with his wisdom.

His loss will be felt far and wide, in the city and the bush.

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Farewell Kevin Jones, a true friend

We were deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Kevin Jones, an unassuming, quiet achiever who worked tirelessly with the Friends of Organ Pipes National Park to create an invaluable area of native bushland and a haven for wildlife so close to Melbourne.

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A conservation blueprint for Victoria - have your say

The Victorian Government has released its draft blueprint for nature conservation - Protecting Victoria's Environment - Biodiversity 2036.

It's been almost 20 years since we've had a formal conservation strategy in this state, please make submission to the draft plan and have your say.

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Dogs gone from park beaches will protect plovers

The decision to ban dogs from the Mornington Peninsula National Park is a key step towards protecting endangered Hooded Plovers.

Estimates put the Victorian population of these tiny beach-nesting birds at just 600. Dogs, which disrupt their nests, have been identified as the principal cause of their decline.

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Caught on Camera Wombat
Forest Community Day

Ever wanted to know what goes on in the Wombat Forest when the critters that call it home think nobody's looking? Well here's your chance to find out!

Well here's your chance at our 'Caught on Camera' Community Day in Trentham on Sunday 20 March 2016.

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NSW about to let loose industrial logging in red gum national park

While in Victoria we're looking at how we can better look after our River Red Gum parks and reserves over the border in NSW they're looking at logging theirs.

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Forests Forever Easter Ecology Camp 2016

Take a break this Easter with expert ecologists as they help you explore the giant old trees and magical rainforests of Victoria's East Gippsland at this year's Forests Forever camp.

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Blue gropers, blue devils and weedy seadragons the stars of 2015 fish count

The 2015 Great Victorian Fish Count turned up some real treats in our marine waters, with volunteer divers and snorkellers recording blue gropers, blue devils and weedy seadragons.

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Time to help nature through its biggest challengeTime to help nature through its biggest challenge

Victoria's native plants and animals are under stress from climate change, and our natural areas may never be the same again. But a new online report called VicNature 2050 spells out ten useful things we can all do to help nature help herself.

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Portsea Beach victim of bay dredging

The Victorian Government might not agree, but scientists and locals believe the loss of the Portsea Beach is the direct result of deepening Port Phillip Heads for shipping in 2008.

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Parks in trouble without serious injection of funds

Since 2010 state government funding to Parks Victoria has fallen by almost a third from an already low base.

The organisation needs an immediate and major boost in long-term funding so that it can look after our beautiful national parks.

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Fisherman's Wharf proposal carries sting in its tail for local marine life

Creating an attraction around feeding stingrays at Queencliff's historic Fisherman's Wharf, with a giant video screen and seating for 120 people, could make the rays more vulnerable to predation and alter local food chains.

Our acting executive director Chris Smyth explains why.

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