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Nature's Voice

The Victorian National Parks Association's newsletter Nature's Voice helps keep members up to date with current conservation issues, campaigns and successes.

It is distributed as a printed newsletter to members, available as a pdf download from our website, and sent free as an ebulletin to subscribers.

If you are interested in writing an article or submitting photos for Nature's Voice, contact editor Michael Howes on (03) 9347 5188.

If you would like to receive your free quarterly copy of the Nature's Voice ebulletin please join our mailing list.


Edition 20, April 2014

  • Port expansion threatens Westernport's migratory birds.
  • Southern Brown Bandicoot habitat corridors.
  • Victoria could log Barmah National Park.
  • Firewood backflip blunder.
  • All eyes on Hawkweed.
  • Backflip after firewood blunder

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Edition 19, February 2014

  • The Coast is Unclear, new report out.
  • Land-clearing laws will fast-track habitat loss.
  • Find out what's in the Wombat Forest with our new field guide.
  • Cattlemen's new push for cattle in the alps.
  • Fears grow for future of Leadbeater's Possum.
  • Forests Forever Easter Ecology Camp

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Nature's Voice ebook editionEdition 18, October-November 2013

  • Shine a light for parks at the Prom.
  • Logging interests win out in western forests.
  • Are we failing Melbourne's most vulnerable creatures?
  • Trouble at Hanging Rock.
  • Nature in the dark inspires short film.

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Edition 17, August 2013

  • Time to protect the places we love
  • Fire report questions burn target
  • Decision will scar Bastion Point
  • Feral horses to be managed?
  • Proposal tips scales on the Peninsula

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FlipbookEdition 16, April-May 2013

  • 'For sale' sign hung on national parks
  • Prospecting threat to parks
  • Recreational fishing report
  • Caught on Camera update
  • Ongoing logging of Victorian native forests

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Nature's Voice February 2013Edition 15, February 2013

  • Bastion Point thunderbolt
  • Federal Court and Alpine cattle grazing
  • Changes to habitat protection regulations
  • 'Ecological thinning' in red gum parks
  • Bandicoots pose for the camera

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Nature's Voice edition 14Edition 14, October-November 2012

  • Watered down vegetation laws risk habitat loss
  • Federal folly angers local communities
  • Dragging our feet on burn program
  • Nature in the Dark
  • Great Victorian Fish Count

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Edition 13, July-August 2012

  • Plans fail to protect urban habitat
  • Baillieu's bandicoot backflip
  • Wombat forest under threat from mining
  • Two hoots for East Gippsland's owls
  • Seastars found at the Prom

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FlipbookEdition 12, April-May 2012

  • Abbott and Gillard walk away from environment
  • Groups stand up for habitat regulations
  • Ranger speaks out for parks starved of funds
  • Cattle foul rivers, threaten health
  • Sea Science seminars
  • Firewood free-for-all

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Nature's Voice, edition 11 February 2012Edition 11, February 2012

  • Alpine cattle grazing decision a victory for good sense
  • Murray-Darling draft plan fails to deliver
  • Nationals take on hunting and parks
  • Anglesea heathlands handed to Alcoa
  • Urban sprawl threatens wildife
  • NatureWatch launches new project

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Nature's Voice, edition 10 October-November 2011

Edition 10, October-November 2011

  • Landmark decision protects Alpine National Park from grazing
  • Firewood decision an attack on our parks
  • Report offers hope for riverside habitat
  • Bandicoots need homes too
  • Great Victorian Fish Count 2011

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Edition 9, July-August 2011

  • Alpine cattle grazing
  • Urban grassland reserves
  • VEAC marine investation
  • Fire and biodiversity symposium

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Edition 8, April-May 2011

  • Burke rallies alpine cattle grazing crowd
  • Gillard weakens Murray-Darling plan at her peril
  • Parks development push
  • Big blue returns to our waters

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Edition 7, February 2011

  • Cattle discovered trampling Alpine Tree Frog habitat
  • Scientists urge end to alpine cattle grazing
  • Govermnent committed to marine inquiry
  • Central Victoria's natural gems sparkle online

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Nature's Voice edition 6Edition 6, October-November 2010

  • Your environment, your future, your vote!
  • VEAC campaign pays off
  • Thirsty 13 dying for a drink
  • Basin plan already a gamle for the environment

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Nature's Voice edition 5Edition 5, July-August 2010

  • VNPA makes waves on marine parks
  • Government breaks duck shooting promise
  • Central Vic forests opened to woodchipping?
  • 'Wild Walks' in Victorian parks a questionable idea

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Nature's Voice edition 4Edition 4, April-May 2010

  • Let's add Mt Stirling to the Alpine National Park!
  • Mt Buffalo gondola - fantasy or threat?
  • Bushfires royal commission update
  • Horses take over the Alps

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Nature's Voice editin 3Edition 3, February 2010

  • Political parties must lift game on environment
  • Biodiversity White Paper a mixed bag for conservation
  • Port red-faced after bay dredging blunder
  • Urban grasslands must be saved

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Nature's Voice edition 2Edition 2, October-November 2009

  • Garrett holds key to grassland protection
  • Burnoffs will not stop catastrophic fires
  • Brumby fails to protect rivers from cattle grazing
  • Fish stock trial plan a threat to marine life

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Nature's Voice edition 1Edition 1, July-August 2009

  • Urban sprawl threatens native grasslands
  • Time to save our streamsides
  • Port Phillip Seagrasses still at risk
  • Bastion Point decision betrays coastal strategy

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In July/August 2009 the VNPA replaced its newsletter Update with Nature's Voice. The change included a move to colour reproduction, a new design and the creation of a VNPA ebulletin, allowing members to help save paper by receiving the newsletter in an electronic form.