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Fact sheets

Alpine cattle grazing

Alpine cattle grazing, and its effects on alpine ecosystems and fire mitigation, has probably been more thoroughly studied than most land management issues in Victoria. Umpires have consistently ruled against alpine grazing for more than 100 years.

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Wombat Forest under threat from mining

  • What sort of mining is being proposed for the Wombat Forest?
  • How much of the Wombat is under a mining licence?
  • Why is the Wombat important habitat for threatened species?
  • Should the Wombat have higher levels of protection?

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Western forests logging - Mt Cole in the Pyrenees Ranges

'Trial' of logging in western Victoria at Mt Cole near Beaufort flies in the face of research showing the importance of high conservation value forests in largely cleared landscapes.

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Murray River Park

The protection of key wetland areas between river red gum national parks in a new Murray River Park remains unfinished business for the Victorian Labor Government.

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Marine issues

Victoria's marine parks and sanctuaries

  • Maps showing Victoria's marine protected areas
  • Snapshots of each marine park and sanctuary

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Pt Nepean National Park & the Quarantine Station

The Andrews Government has committed to reviewing the excessive and exclusive development and leasing arrangements approved by the previous government, but the Quarantine Station's future is far from certain.

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Life under the sea

  • Giant kelp forests, seagrass meadows and more!

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Why exclude fishing from marine national parks?

  • Looking after the megafauna of our oceans
  • Effects of trawling
  • Recreational fishing

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Why not multi-zone marine parks?

  • A question of scale
  • Marine national parks are multi-use

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Marine parks and sustainable communities

  • Direct employment
  • Marine research
  • Boosting tourism

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Fire and biodiversity

Victorian bushfires 2009

  • Why did these fires happen?
  • Can we do more control burns?

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National parks and fire

  • How frequent have past bushfires been in Australia?
  • Were cows effective in reducing alpine fires?
  • How does fire affect parks?

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Invasive species

Pest control & shooting in Victorian parks

  • Pest animals do enormous damage to our natural areas and are increasing in numbers, yet opening up national parks to volunteer shooters has done nothing to stem the flow.
  • Successful pest control in parks and reserves is very difficult and has to be undertaken by experienced operators.
  • Opening NSW national parks for hunting are misguided, as demonstrated by Victoria's experience.

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Riparian land

Riparian land in Victoria, problems and solutions

  • Summary sheet of the issues facing Victoria's native vegetation along the state's waterways

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Threats to Victoria's riparian land

Damage caused to our waterways caused by cattle grazing include:

  • Erosion of riverbanks
  • Introduction of weeds
  • Reduced water quality

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Values of Victoria's riparian land

Victorians value their rivers, creeks and streams for a wide range of reasons, including:

  • Healthy riparian zones are crucial for river health
  • They provide drinking water for agriculture and domestic use as well as natural waterholes for wildlife
  • Many fish and other species use rely on them for habitat

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Climate change

Existing threats to parks and reserves

  • Feral animals rampant across Victoria
  • Managing weed invasions

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Fire and the future

  • An ancient, fiery relationship
  • Mountain Ash forests
  • Rainforests

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  • Future climate change predictions
  • Changing ecosystems

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Rivers, coastal saltmarshes and wetlands

  • Less rain another blow to our Red Gum wetlands
  • Coastal saltmarshes caught in "pincer effect"

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Species migration

  • Alpine areas must vulnerable to climate change
  • Species forced to march south

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Land and biodiversity at a time of climate change

  • Land and Biodiversity at a Time of Climate Change White Paper
  • Native plants and animals pushed to edge of extinction

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