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Wyperfeld - Australia's First Mallee National Park

Wyperfeld - Australia's First Mallee National ParkTo many Australians, 'the bush' - natural Australia - its landforms, its flora and fauna - is a defining attribute of their Australian identity.

Among the country's extraordinary diversity, there are special places to which they relate. One such place is Wyperfeld National Park in the Victorian Mallee with its rich natural and human history and what has been described as subtle beauty.

When the Wimmera River flooded in 1976 to fill lakes in the park that had been dry for years, many people who visited to observe this rare event became captivated by the attractions of the park and a volunteer support group - the Friends of Wyperfeld - was formed.

In 2001, on its 25th anniversary, the group published 'Wyperfeld - Australia's First Mallee National Park'. A comprehensive guide, the book contains much information not otherwise readily available.

Rather than re-print, the book is now presented online. The reproduction is unaltered and complete, except for the Index and Part Three: Exploring the Park, which has been omitted because of outdated visitor information.

For the latest such information, readers are referred to the Parks Victoria website and to Parks Victoria Information Centre, phone 13 1963.

Although we have made the electronic 'flipbook' version of the book available free of charge, donations to either the Friends of Wyperfeld or the Victorian National Parks Association would be greatly appreciated.