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Stirling Alpine Link

Mt Stirling, adjacent to Mt Buller, is a unique natural landscape with dramatic vistas of Victoria's alpine area.

Popular with cross-country skiers, bushwalkers, campers and school groups, it is also home to many threatened plant and animal species.

The Victorian National Parks Association has launched a push for the Mt Stirling area to be managed as a national park by linking it to the Alpine National Park and handing its management to Parks Victoria.

It can then be managed as an integral part of Victoria's largest national park, improving ecological management, recreation experiences and the overall integrity of our alpine region.

 Mt Stirling

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> The Stirling Alpine Link

Download our Stirling Alpine Link brochure for a an overview of the plan


Government rejects 'road to nowhere'

Plans to build a Buller Stirling (Touring) Link Rd have been rejected by the Victorian Government, a decision that paves the way for Mt Stirling to become part of the Alpine National Park.

The rejection of the road is a win for commonsense, the area's sub-alpine forests and threatened species, which would have been put at greater risk if the road had gone ahead.

The Victorian National Parks Association has opposed the road since first hearing of the planning application in 2010, largely by accident.

Since then we have been unable to find any evidence of public consultation regarding the road and, although a business case was prepared in May 2011, it is apparently top secret.

We have also been concerned at the apparent lack of fire management or emergency plans mentioning the road, no visual impacts study and no detailed geo-technical studies on the steep landslide-prone slopes the road would cut across.

There is already a road connecting Mt Buller and Mt Stirling, and this could simply be upgraded to improve access.

Mt Stirling should now be considered for inclusion in the Alpine National Park.


This is a composite image of Corn Hill showing existing and proposed roads connecting Picnic Table (Mount Buller) and Howqua Gap (Mount Stirling). The photographs were taken from the False Summit of Mount Stirling.
Photography by Charles Street. Mapping derived from Metropol and Google Maps.


What needs to be done?

We are calling on the Victorian Government to:

  • Convert the Mt Stirling Alpine Resort into a national park, giving it the level of protection it deserves.
  • Join Mt Stirling to the Alpine National Park by adding the adjacent area of state forest to the national park.


What you can do to help

SPREAD THE WORD, ask two friends to read this page.

TELL DECISION-MAKERS and your elected state politician you want Mt Stirling connected to the Alpine National Park.

Use the information in the brochure below to write a letter or send an email to the Premier of Victoria and your local politician. Go to for tips on how to find your electorate and local state politician.