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Central Highland Forests

Mountain Ash forests of the Yarra Ranges and central highlands of Victoria are spectacular forests.

These forests are not just home to Victoria's faunal emblem, the globally endangered Leadbeater's Possum, at least 40 other animal species live and nest in the hollows and crevices in large old trees.

Growing up to 114 metres (374 ft) Mountain Ash is one of the tallest tree species in the world and the tallest flowering plant.

Forests of the Central Highlands include stands with the highest reported above ground biomass in the world, which store large amounts of climate-damaging carbon.

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They also cover Melbourne's water catchments, helping keep the city's drinking water clean. Sadly, because of decades of logging and fire, only a small area - less than 2000ha, or 1.16% - remains of Victoria's original area of old growth Mountain Ash forest.

Community groups, environmental organisations and scientists are calling for a new national park to protect these magnificent forests and the endangered species which live in them.

For a more indepth look at the need to protect Victoria's Central Highland Forests please take a moment to read Professor David Lindenmayer's excellent article Can Leadbeater's Possum be saved?


Central Highland fact sheets

Download fact sheetLeadbeater's Possum: How to save a Victorian treasure

Leadbeater's Possum is a nationally and globally endangered species found only in Victoria, and is one of the state's faunal emblems.

Download fact sheet


Download fact sheetHigh conservation value forests of the Central Highlands

The towering Mountain Ash forests of Victoria's Central Highlands are spectacular, but face catastrophic collapse. They need protection within the state's national parks system.

Download fact sheet


Download fact sheetThe economic, cultural & socal values of parks

National parks are the most effective way of protecting biodiversity, unique ecosystems and rare, threatened and endangered plants and animals.

Download fact sheet


Healthy forests create sustainable water yields, store more carbon

Melbourne's drinking water is inextricably linked to the health of our forests. By protecting the forests fringing our city we are protecting our water catchments. These forests are also among the most carbon dense in the world.

Download fact sheet


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  • Wombat State Forest is protected under the National Parks Act.
  • Western Grassland Reserves are established and protected under the National Parks Act.
  • The Yarra Ranges National Park is extended in the Central Highlands.

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