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Alpine parks

Victoria's alpine areas, found predominantly in the state's Alpine, Mount Buffalo and Baw Baw national parks, are truly remarkabe landscapes.

But by world standards they are very low in altitude and have been listed as among the three most climate-vulnerable ecosystem types in Australia.

Alpine National Park under threat

Alps under threatVictoria's heritage-listed Alpine National Park is one of the finest national parks in Australia, but it is coming under increasing pressure from invasive pest plants and animals.

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Alpine cattle grazing, it's a park not a paddock!

Alpine cattle grazing, it's a park not a paddockA decision by the former Victorian Government to allow cattle grazing in the Alpine National Park in 2011 inflamed community debate about how we should manage our national parks.

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Why cattle should never again roam free in the high country

In 2010 moves to allow alpine cattle grazing prompted VNPA's Phil Ingamells to write in the Sunday Age newspaper about why cattle should not return to the Alpine National Park.

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Grazing, fire and science

Neil Barraclough asks (Stock and Land, 5/10/06) if there is any real science showing that cattle grazing didn't reduce the intensity of the 2003 fires in the alpine area. The answer is "yes".

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History of the Alpine grazing campaign

Alpine National Park, or cow paddock?After a long campaign by the VNPA, the Victorian Government ended licensed cattle grazing in Victoria’s Alpine National Park in 2005.You can explore the many reasons for removing cattle from the park by going to our dedicated alpine grazing website.

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Planning process failing Victoria's alpine parks

Parks Victoria's process for developing management plans for national parks in the alpine region (and then for the rest of the Victoria) is seriously flawed.

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New management plan for Victoria's Alpine national parks

Parks Victoria has embarked on a revision of the management plans for all of Victoria’s alpine national parks, and associated protected areas.

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National Heritage for the alps: a chance not to be missed

The Australian Alps have been added to the National Heritage list. But will this long-awaited, and well-deserved, status bring appropriate management to the High Country?

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One big park: Proposing an Australian Alpine National Park

The National Parks Associations of Victoria, NSW and the ACT are proposing formation of a grand national park in the Australian Alps.

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