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Marine TV

There's no better way to explore Victoria's underwater world than to dive into it, but given it's not always possible we've put together some marine videos to give you a taste for what lies beneath.


Great Victorian Fish CountGreat Victorian Fish Count

What you looking at? This stunning Blue Devil Fish joins an elusive Blue Groper and a po-faced Shaws Cowfish to star in footage from our Great Victorian Fish Count.

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Your chance to win a free ticket to OceansAstonishing Oceans

Swirling along at 10 knots an hour in a school of hunting tuna fish, leaping with dolphins, swimming shoulder to fin with the great white shark... OCEANS is an astonishing look at the world that lies beneath the water covering three-quarters of the Earth's surface.

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Beautiful surprisesBeautiful surprises

From the Twelve Apostles Marine National Park to Port Phillip Heads, Merri Marine Sanctuary and the Flinders Pier, Victoria's underwater world is filled with beautiful surprises.

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Beautiful surprisesSomers reef, a plea for better protection

Local resident and budding marine biologist Stefan Backhausen talks about why Somers Reef is unique and why it needs marine national park protection.

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Explore our marine worldDive into Victoria's marvellous marine parks!

Take a tour of Victoria's unique, diverse and beautiful marine environment and see why it's worth protecting - from the comfort of your own home!

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TV ad highlights fragile marine worldTV ad highlights fragile marine world

Our new marine conservation television explains how you can be part of protecting Victoria's unique marine environment from threat and for posterity.

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