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The Victorian Alps. Photo: Rob Jung


Victoria is home to an amazing diversity of life, landscapes and seascapes. No other area of similar size in Australia supports such a broad range of ecosystems, a range that includes the alps, forests, marine and coastal environments.

We are the custodians of a rich natural heritage, a natural heritage too precious to lose.



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Victoria's native plants, wildlife and habitats are at crisis point. A third of our native animals are either extinct or threatened with extinction and our indigenous plants are faring even worse.

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Marine and coastal

The threats to marine and coastal nature require comprehensive planning, protection and management solutions.

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Parks protection

Our existing parks system is underfunded and incomplete at a time when threats in many natural places are mounting.

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Protecting special places

There are still many parts of Victoria where increased protection of natural places is required.

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Urban sprawl

Victoria's urban grasslands are vanishing under a sprawling Melbourne and urgently need greater protection.

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Climate change is real and its impacts on Victoria's plants and animals are already here - but it's not too late do something about it.

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