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Your parks are under threat

Some of Victoria's most loved creatures are on the verge of extinction, and our most precious natural places are under threat, including from feral animals like wild deer. Photo: Federation Training students


Right now, more than 2500 species of plants and animals in Victoria are listed as rare, threatened, endangered, vulnerable or extinct.

The long-promised Murray River Park, connecting different areas of the River Red Gum parks has, after several years, still not been gazetted to put the legislation into effect, leaving no protected wildlife corridor.



Large areas of Victoria's precious wet forests in East Gippsland remain under threat from commercial logging and fire. And it's not just the trees under threat - it's the habitats they provide. Wet forests in East Gippsland are the home of many threatened species, including the Greater Glider, which is listed as Vulnerable in Victoria.

Visitors to parks are confronted with run down facilities, overgrown tracks and poor signage.

Feral animals and weeds are running out of control, damaging waterways and sensitive habitats.

Sadly, these are just a few examples among many.

Yet, since 2011-12, the level of funding to maintain national parks in Victoria has dropped.

This has to change.






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