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If you want to explore some of Victoria's amazing natural landscapes, you've come to the right place.

Our outdoor adventure program has something for everyone. Watch the countryside roll by as you cycle our amazing rail trails around Melbourne and way beyond.

Pack your tent, pull on sturdy boots and trek Victoria's peaks. We also have awesome ski trips.

Jump into a kayak and explore our incredible marine national parks.

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Or simply slip into a pair of comfy walking shoes and go for a gentle amble with friends. See you in the great outdoors!

Cost: most events are $5 members or $9 non-members. But see activity for cost.

Membership: We encourage you to join as a member online or call VNPA on 03 9347 5188.

Visitors can participate in up to three trips.


Bookings and more information

For all the details on the events listed, contact the VNPA on or phone 03 9347 5188.

Get the book! Contact the VNPA for a FREE copy of the activities program.


Program Highlights

Mt Jim and the Upper Cobungra River
April 25-26 (weekend)

A pleasant weekend walk taking in some of the best scenery this area has to offer. The walk starts at Pretty Valley Pond and visits Mt Jim, Youngs Hut, Basalt Temple and Dibbins Hut.

The Saturday night campsite will be on the Cobungra River.

Grade: medium hard, 26km. Limit 10. 370 km NE Melb. Leader: James Shannon, phone 9754 4951 (H)/ 0407 346 467 or email

Geelong waterfront
April 25 (Saturday)

Walk from North Geelong Rail Station along the Geelong Waterfront to Eastern Park, then to Geelong Rail Station.

Grade: easy medium, 12km. Limit 16. 75 km S Melb. Leader: Glenn King, phone 0448 816 504.

O’Shannassy Aqueduct Trail
April 26 (Sunday)

Used for nearly 100 years for water harvesting, the historic open channel O’Shannassy Aqueduct meanders around the base of Mt Donna Buang. See the caretakers lodge visited by Queen Elizabeth in 1954.

Grade: medium, 16km. Limit 12. 90 km E Melb. Leader: Andrew Johnson – phone 0400 446 257 or email

Upper Loddon Forest Walk (Glenlyon)
April 26 (Sun)

Explore a new walk in a less visited area of forest near the basalt plain close to Glenlyon, just north of the Loddon River Falls, which we will also visit during the day.

Grade: medium, 15km. Limit 15. 100 km NNW Melb. Leader: Andrew Arnold, phone 5334 2289.

Old Melbourne Gaol Ghost Walk
May 1 (Friday)

Want to try the ghost night tour at the Old Melbourne Gaol? The cost is approximately $35 - spend an hour in the evening having a ghostly experience at this Melbourne Historical centre. Early enquiries welcome.

Grade: easy. Leader: Cheryl Mioch, phone 9397 7470, 0412 743 866 or email

Cycling: Warburton– O’Shannassy Trail
May 2-3 (Weekend)

Leave from Lilydale, riding along the Warburton Trail and diverting along the very pretty O'Shannassy Trail. Stay overnight at Warburton. Panniers required - no road bikes.

Grade: medium hard, 80-90km. Limit 12. 40 km NE Melb. Leader: Wilma Van Dijk on 0409 537 303 or email

Anakie Gorge Circuit
May 2 (Sat)

A pleasant walk in the Brisbane Ranges. There is one 20-30 minute climb near the beginning of the walk followed by a few undulations. The trail is quite varied.

Grade: medium, 12km. Limit 16. 85 km SW Melb. Leader: David Moore – email or phone 0448 555 666.

Boneseeding: Mornington Peninsula
May 2 (Saturday)

Join us for this annual weeding event on Cook Street Spur, McCrae. We’re mostly tackling boneseed regrowth, but there are plenty of other weeds to find and they are easy to remove. Car pooling is an option.

Grade: easy. Limit 50. 80 km SE Melb. Leader: Terese Dalman – phone 0413 234 130 or email


Change of Dates

U35s Steavenson Falls, Marysville
Dated changed from 12 April to 3 May

A relaxed walk from the township of Marysville to take in the views and features of the area, including the 80m Steavenson Falls and ferns and tall timber forest regenerating from the recent fires.

Grade: medium, 13km. Limit 15. 100 km NE Melb. Leader: Jeremy Woolhouse, phone 9819 0845 or email

Barwon River
Date changed from 18 April to 2 May

Explore the Barwon River from Fyansford including the historic Paper Mill, Buckleys Falls, the Bunyip Pool, Queens Park through Balyang sanctuary and the Yolinko Aboriginal gardens.

Grade: medium, 17km. Limit 16. 85km SW Melb. Leader: Louise Prendergast – email or phone 9826 0037.

Cape Otway to Aire River
Date changed from 18-19 April to 23-24 May

Pack carrying weekend on the Great Ocean Walk. Starting from Cape Otway Lighthouse on Saturday and camping overnight at Aire River, walking through delightful coastal heath with wonderful ocean views. Sunday returns along the same route.

Grade: medium, 20km. Limit 8. 150 km SW Melb. Leader: Peter Whelan, phone 9243 8812 or email

Base camp: Mitchell River National Park
Walk postponed to next program

Spend a weekend exploring the Mitchell River National Park. Includes an 18km day walk, some nocturnal wildlife spotting and time to relax and enjoy the river.

Grade: medium, 25km. Limit 12. 300 km E Melb. Leader: Tracey-Ann Hooley

Advance Notice

Canada East and West
August-September, 2015

A day walking trip is planned in August and September 2015, visiting the western and eastern Canadian provinces and national parks including Yoho, Glaciers, Banff, Jasper, Waterton Lakes, Point Pelee, Bruce Peninsula and Fundy.

A group flight from Vancouver to Toronto will be arranged, with minivans hired for travel within Canada. On a few days cycling or canoeing options will be offered.

Accommodation will be in modest hotels or cabins. The estimated cost of the 30 day trip is $5200, which would cover shared accommodation, some breakfasts, land transport, Vancouver to Toronto airfare and entrance fees. Please email me to request a detailed description of the trip.

Grade: medium. Limit 12. Leader: John Bales, email or phone 0433 603 629, 9913 5118.

Western Turkey
April 28 to May 18, 2016 (21 Days)

Visit Istanbul, Cappadocia, Atalya, Kas, Kusadasi, Canakkale and Gallipoli. Private transport and guides for walks and site visits.

Approximate price $4600 includes premium accommodation and most meals.

Contact: John Bales - to request a detailed itinerary.


Reduce the threat of Dieback – wash your boots

Dieback is the dying back of plants, and it often results in death of many of our native plant species. It is frequently caused by Phytophthora cinnamomi (the disease formerly known as Cinnamon Fungus). This is an invading plant disease that lives in the soil. Many of our plants have no resistance to it.

About 2000 different plant species (most of them Australian) are susceptible to the disease.  Collapsed grass-trees are only one indicator of the presence of the disease. It is important therefore to stay on the tracks when walking through diseased areas. If you walk off-track your boots will carry infection.

The only way to remove the contamination is to clean out all soil from your footwear and wash and brush them with disinfectant before you leave the area. Carry a plastic trough, some methylated spirits and water and brushes for this purpose. Or use a stiff brush and spray the cleaned boots with a 70% methylated spirits/water solution.  Insist that the rest of the group also clean their footwear.

The swimming spores are very tiny and have no cell wall so they are very easily killed with any disinfectant, but any soil or gravel on your footwear will prevent the disinfectant from reaching them. You must not wait until you get back home but clean the footwear immediately.