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If you want to explore some of Victoria's amazing natural landscapes, you've come to the right place.

Our outdoor adventure program has something for everyone. Watch the countryside roll by as you cycle our amazing rail trails around Melbourne and way beyond.

Cost: Most events are $5 members or $9 non-members. But see activity for cost.

Membership: We encourage you to join as a member online or call VNPA on 03 9347 5188. Visitors can participate in up to three trips.


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If you're interested in any of the activities list below please refer to the online PDF program for full details.


Changes to the Program


New Trip: Mt Feathertop

April 30 to May 1.

A pack carry walk up Bungalow Spur from Harrietville to Mt Feathertop, camping overnight by the MUMC hut. On Sunday will walk down the North West Spur. We will need to leave Friday night with a camp near Smoko.

Limit: 8 - 350km NE Melb.


New Trip: Marylin Munro Exhibit, Bendigo

June 4, Saturday.

A social day in Bendigo visiting the Marilyn Munro exhibit and taking an informal short walk through the nearby park and central Bendigo to view the city's historical buildings.

Grade: Easy. Leader: Alison Thomas, phone 0400 172 767 or email


Grampians National Park: Major Mitchell Plateau Circuit - April 23-24

This trip has been shortened by one day and will now be 25km, not 40km. This is a challenging weekend hiking the Major Mitchell Plateau circuit. A hard gradient walk, this sub-alpine hike covers 12-13 kilometres a day with elevation changes of up to 850m. It requires a car shuffle to complete the loop.

You will need to carry water and deal with rock scrambling. On Friday night we'll meet at the YHA in Halls Gap. On Saturday we walk from the Sheep Hills car park to First Wannon Hiker Campsite (12.7km).

On Sunday it's on to Jimmy Creek Campground (13km) and then the drive back to Sheep Hills.

There is an option to stay at the Halls Gap YHA on Sunday night if you're after some creature comforts after a big walk. You'll need to book the YHA in advance.

Grade: Hard/exploratory, 25km.

Limit: 6 - 250km W Melb.


Great South West Walk - Tarragal to Grant Bay

Dates changed from 25-28 March to Cup Day Weekend, October 29 to November 1.

Travel from Tarragal campsite to Grant Bay near Portland via Cape Bridgewater, Bridgewater Bay and Cape Nelson. Spectacular views along the coast, we will walk past the Blowholes and through the Petrified Forest.

Some beach walking involved with camping at designated sites. Enquire early, Parks Victoria sites need to be pre-booked.

Grade: Medium/hard, 54km.

Limit: 8 - 430km SW Melb.

Program Highlights


April 23 - Saturday

Autumnal Daylesford Walk

Join us as we explore trails around the Lakes, Wombat Hill, the botanical gardens and part of the goldfields trail towards Hepburn Springs. Hopefully we will see the autumnal colours in all their glory.

Grade: Medium/hard, 19km.

Limit: 16 - 110km NW Melb.


April 24 - Sunday

Sorrento Koonya Beach

A walk taking in Port Phillip Bay and the ocean beaches at Sorrento.

Grade: Easy, 13km. Leader: Dale Stephenson, phone 9885 0331.

Limit: 12, 85km S Melb.


April 23-25 - Long Weekend

Lake Tarli Karng and the Chromite Mine

A pleasant three-day walk starting on the sub-alpine Wellington Plains, visiting the lake and ending up in the Dolodrook Valley area near the Chromite Mine. We finish along the Wellington River back to the road.

Grade: Medium/hard, 32km.

Limit: 10 - 320km E Melb.


U35s - Falls to Hotham Alpine Crossing

Explore Victoria's alpine wilderness on this 3 day/2 night hike. Although this is graded as a 'moderate' walk, there are some challenging parts. Previous overnight walk experience is required.

Grade: Medium/hard, 37km.

Limit: 6 - 400km NE Melb.


April 30 - Saturday

Brimbank to Keilor

We catch the 475 bus to Avondale Heights from the Essendon train station, then walk to Brimbank Park following the Maribyrnong River. We continue to Keilor before returning to Essendon on the 476 Bus.

Grade: Easy/medium, 14km.

Limit: 16 - 15km N Melb.


Winding among cool fern gullies and tall forests, we will pass through granite boulder country making our way through Mt Buangor State Park and Mt Cole State Forest. On a clear day we should get views of the Grampians and nearby Mt Langi Ghiran.

Make a weekend of it by staying overnight in Beaufort or Ballarat.

Grade: Medium, 23km.

Limit: 12 - 175km W Melb.


May 1 - Sunday

Donnellys Weir to Mt St Leonard

It may only be a 16km walk but this is one for those who are fit or who want to get fit. The first 9km are straight up from Donnellys Weir to the top of Mt St Leonard. We will have lunch there then continue on to the Tanglefoot Track, finishing at the Wirrawilla car park.

A car shuttle is required. Because this walk will be posted on MeetUp early bookings from VNPA members are welcomed.

Grade: Hard, 16km.

Limit: 14 - 67km NE Melb.


May 7 - Saturday

Trentham Racecourse

This walk is an extension of the Wombat Walk in Trentham. If you have never seen Trentham Racecourse you will find it unlike any other racecourse you have seen. The walk is almost all level or gently undulating, except for half an hour, which is steep.

Walking in the 'Wombat' has its own feel, and the train and bus trip makes it feel like a real journey. This is a public transport walk.

Grade: Medium, 16km.

Limit: 20 - 100km NW Melb.

Boneseeding on the Mornington Peninsula

Every year we join other bushwalking clubs helping to remove the invasive weed Boneseed from marked plots on Cook St.

It's a great way to experience a beautiful part of the Mornington Peninsula, and lunch is provided afterwards at Sea Winds on top of Arthurs Seat. Boneseed regrowth is easy to remove. All welcome.

Grade: Easy.


May 8 - Sunday

Walk, Talk & Gawk: Point Nepean National Park

Explore historical Point Nepean, from the Quarantine Station to the fortifications, at the very tip of the Mornington Peninsula. Involves some beach walking.

Grade: Easy, 10km.

Limit: 15 - 90km SE Melb.


NatureWatch Activities


Grass Tree monitoring in the Brisbane Ranges

Sunday 10 April or Friday 29 April

Spend the day in the Brisbane Ranges assessing the health of Grass Trees in response to Phytophthora infection. Each day starts at 10am.

Contact: NatureWatch co-ordinator Christine Connelly, phone 9341 6510 or email


Caught on Camera in Wombat State Forest

Help move wildlife monitoring cameras to new sites. Some gravel track driving required. One day activities starting at 9.30am.

This event is being run over several dates, contact Christine on 9341 6510 or email for more information.


Reduce the threat of Dieback – wash your boots

Dieback is the dying back of plants, and it often results in death of many of our native plant species. It is frequently caused by Phytophthora cinnamomi (the disease formerly known as Cinnamon Fungus). This is an invading plant disease that lives in the soil. Many of our plants have no resistance to it.

About 2000 different plant species (most of them Australian) are susceptible to the disease.  Collapsed grass-trees are only one indicator of the presence of the disease. It is important therefore to stay on the tracks when walking through diseased areas. If you walk off-track your boots will carry infection.

The only way to remove the contamination is to clean out all soil from your footwear and wash and brush them with disinfectant before you leave the area. Carry a plastic trough, some methylated spirits and water and brushes for this purpose. Or use a stiff brush and spray the cleaned boots with a 70% methylated spirits/water solution.  Insist that the rest of the group also clean their footwear.

The swimming spores are very tiny and have no cell wall so they are very easily killed with any disinfectant, but any soil or gravel on your footwear will prevent the disinfectant from reaching them. You must not wait until you get back home but clean the footwear immediately.