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Our story

The VNPA is a leading community voice for nature conservation in Victoria. For over 60 years we have worked tirelessly to protect, and educate generations of Victorians about, our unique natural heritage.

We are a registered charity, and depend on the generosity of supporters and philanthropic trusts to support our work. You can make a tax deductible donation or join up.

We have a small team of professional and passionate staff supported by many dedicated volunteers.


We work in three ways

1. Nature Conservation

We work to protect Victoria's unique natural heritage by developing thoughtful science-based solutions and working with community partners to protect our special natural places.

We work on protecting parks, completing the conservation estate, marine and coastal issues and statewide policies to protect biodiversity.

2. Educating and Empowering the Community

We do this by running interesting and informative events, activities and information such as our citizen science programs Reef Watch, a marine community monitoring program for scuba divers, and NatureWatch, which monitors plants and animals and provides input to park management and planning.

We also produce informative guide books, the quarterly Park Watch magazine and our newsletter and ebulletin Nature's Voice.

3. Activities and Adventures

We run one of the largest bushwalking and activities programs in Victoria, including walking, canoeing and cycling.

Get involved through participation in fun and interesting activities, adventures such as bushwalking, Walk Talk and Gawks, rambles with an expert naturalist guide and habitat restoration days, with our volunteer leaders.


A history of success

Conservation Journey - A short history of the VNPAIn 1952, when the VNPA was formed, Victoria had just 13 national parks and no National Parks Act. Today, as a result of significant community efforts and leadership from the VNPA, Victoria has 45 national parks, 13 marine national parks, 11 marine sanctuaries and numerous other parks protected under the National Parks Act.

Victoria's national parks and other conservation reserves are a gift to our children and grandchildren, the nation and the world. The natural land and sea areas of Victoria are irreplaceable. The Grampians, the Alps and the Prom are household names and precious to many Victorians and visitors.

The story of the conservation movement in Victoria is rich in moral courage, passion, and dogged persistence. It's also the story of years of debates, decades of protests and public meetings and generations of community action.

As part of its 60th anniversary, the VNPA commissioned a history of the association and its role in the broader conservation movement. Environmental historian Associate Professor Don Garden has revealed this fascinating history through meticulous research and accessible writing.

You can read the history, Conservation Journeys - A short history of the VNPA, online as an ebook.