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Stingray feeding development at Queenscliff

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Dear Environment Minister Lisa Neville and Councillor Helene Cameron,
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I am deeply concerned about the proposed stingray feeding development at the Queenscliff Harbour.

If it were to proceed the regular and persistent feeding of the stingrays, with up to 600 shows a year, could lead to changes in their feeding behaviour as they become dependent on the feed, possibly malnourished and stressed.

The feeding may also attract other fish to the area away from their natural habitats, increase nutrients and the likelihood of algal blooms, alter food chains and make the rays more vulnerable to predators and fishing as they become tamer.

The redevelopment would also sweep aside the site's cultural heritage values, including historic remnants of the local fishing community, even though they are currently within a heritage overlay in the local planning scheme.

Please ensure that the stingray feeding development does not proceed.

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