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Murray River Park - let's finish what we started

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Dear Victorian Environment Minister Lily D'Ambrosio,
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Thank you for banning cattle grazing in the alpine and red gum national parks. I now ask you to declare the Murray River Park, which, despite being agreed to and legislated under the Brumby Government, is yet to be officially created.

The Murray River Park is made up of small nature reserves dotted along the Murray River that form natural links between larger protected areas including the Hattah-Kulkyne, Gunbower, Barmah and Warby Range-Ovens River national parks.

These small reserves are part of the network of parks created to protect much of the Murray's River Red Gum wetlands and forests.

However, under the previous Coalition state government more than 200 grazing licences were re-issued for these areas, allowing cattle to pollute waterholes, trample sensitive wetlands and generally make a mess.

These parks form a critical ecological link along the Murray River and are popular camping and fishing spots, not cow paddocks.

It's time to properly protect these parks and finish what was started last time your party was in power.

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